The Language no One Speaks

Other animals seem to communicate with a system of transmitting and receiving mental images. When my wife is out shopping, the dog will go sit by the window and wait, and in about ten minutes she will pull into the driveway. Apparently the dog picks up a mental impression when my wife decides to come home. Many dog owners have noticed their pets seem to have psychic abilities.
It makes sense that animals communicate psychically and there is good reason why people do not. Suppose people picked up mental images from one another. If person A had negative feelings about person B, person B would have an incentive to launch a preemptive attack on person A. It would be a detriment to survival for others to know our thoughts about them.
Most likely, early on in the evolutionary process, as intelligence increased, verbal language evolved and the wordless communication was diminished. Surely some of it has survived but few recognize the thoughts and impressions that it produces. The impressions come in as non specific.
Who has not had the experience of a wave of fear or despondency coming upon them out of nowhere? Where such things come form is treated as a mystery. Perhaps mental pictures do come from other people. It may be more than a coincidence that thoughts and ideas become very synchronized and standardized within given populations.
Perhaps we all broadcast a basic image of who we are and what we are about and that is why some are charismatic and others are perceived as dull and boring. It may be possible then to change the image one projects.

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