The Political Battlefield

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There are three socialist armies currently vying for power. These are:

1.Non-Democratic Socialists Non-democratic socialism is my term. You won’t find it anywhere else. I use it because fascism is seldom used to describe an economic system even though that is what it is. Like the other two, non-democratic socialism is a system of economics by force. Non-democratic socialism destroys very thoroughly. The destruction starts at the bottom and moves higher. As lower income groups are impoverished, higher income groups prosper initially. The destruction climbs the destruction ladder and eventually makes its way to the top. At that point. The economy suddenly collapses like it did in 2008. Because political power is overwhelmingly at the top, stimulus is a applied. Stimulus is a way of sustaining the status quo of business interests based on political power. From then on there can be appearances of a return to prosperity but the same imbalances that cause the first collapse continue to get larger. More stimulus is applied. Stimulus causes money to flow even more into the hands of the wealthiest Americans. Eventually, there are sellers still present in in the economy but all of the buyers have been destroyed. At that point the economy collapses and no amount of stimulus can even generate the appearance of prosperity. The country’s smartest and wealthiest citizens support non-democratic socialism until the end  because they benefit from the system. The United States is on the eve of experiencing a fascist style collapse. 

Classic Socialism When the word socialist is used, this is the kind of socialism that is almost always being referred to . Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are classic socialists who make democratic socialist noises. It is easy for these kinds to round up supporters from the bottom of the food chain. Most have been negatively effected by the non-democratic socialist system currently in power. Americans almost universally blame their bad circumstances on capitalism and think of non-democratic socialism as capitalism. Most famous people who identify themselves as conservatives are simply comfortable with non-democratic socialism and are still at an income level that benefits from its presence. I don’t know of one conservative talk radio host who is not a non-democratic socialist. All are opposed to classic socialism which is to their credit, but non-democratic socialists have a huge worldwide power base. Because, fascism is so entrenched there is no chance classic socialism will experience a strong emergence. Mostly, in the current political battle, shaking fingers at classic socialists provides a way to divert attention from the real threat which is the system that is now in place.

Democratic Socialism: Democratic socialism is used to describe the collectivists economic systems in many European countries. The idea is that the pie can be decided up fairly using the democratic system. There is not a strong democratic socialist push in the United States, so I won’t go into the lengthy ins and outs of this system. I will say that in areas where it has been deemed successful, the free market portions of those economies are at least as free market based as the United States has been during the same time periods.

As it is, political outcomes are not going to be good for free market advocates. There are none on the political battlefields.

There are some important insights that will be helpful in deciphering the landscape as the political season continues.  Keep in mind that all politics is for profit, thought not yours. Self interest is the only universal incentive and the only one in play in politics. Representation is transferable and voters are generally outbid. Only sociopaths have the manipulative skills to get elected to public offices and obtain high positions through political appointments. Laws of dominance and subservience in the end determine all political outcomes.

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