The Pope and The Devil

I am not sure if there is a difference in this case. Either Pope Francis does not know what capitalism is or he is doing the Devils work. For the Pope’s information and also anyone else who doesn’t know. the secular world operates in line with the principles of dominance and subservience. Of course, Jesus understood these things. The Pope needs to take the time to learn.

Evil as I understand it is the state of being completely shut off from the truth. Those who are evil do not know they are evil. Why? For an evil person to know he is evil is a contradiction. Being partly shut off from the truth amounts to being partly evil.

We don’t have a capitalist system. Poverty and misery as occur in economic settings are produced by the very system he most appreciates. The system we have in the United States is much closer to what Adolph Hitler put together in Germany during the 1930s. There is a huge difference between a fascist system and a capitalist economy. When Pope Francis attacks capitalism, he is helping to destroy the only hope the poor have ever had and the only hope they have today.

All economic systems are  rooted in self interest. How people go about getting what they want is how an economy is defined.  In a socialist system, self interest works against efficiency. With socialism, it is in ones self interest to live off the efforts of others. Little gets produced and suffering increases. As in fascism, money and wealth go to the top. In both systems political power determines economic outcomes. Whoever controls government lives off the efforts of others. The goals of socialism may sound great, but but human nature prevents any of those goals from being achieved. A fascist system works a little different. By politics, an upper class emerges. By controlling government, the rich manage to live above the law. Government is used to force people to buy products and services. The populations of fascist countries, unwittingly become like servants of the upper class. They never realize this until it is too late.  Laws like Obamacare are common in fascist systems. The general population is led to believe one thing when they are getting something else. Obamacare guarantees health insurance companies a part of every dollar spent on healthcare. The costs to patients actually go up and providers have a reduced incentive to treat patients. Laws are not enforced if the result is reduced profits of politically powerful corporations.

Free market is actually a better term than capitalism. Capitalism literally means private citizens own their own tools or capital. The terms are used interchangeably.  In a free market economy people have complete freedom over what they buy and sell. A few products and services are made illegal out of necessity and this is according to the will of the population. Hard drugs and dealing are a good example. Government plays a huge role because only government can guarantee a level playing field. In the United States today, government has failed in fulfilling its role. When government fails, the free market system morphs into a fascist system. This is what the Pope is seeing and he is unwittingly attacking the wrong system.

If the pope is successful, he will destroy any chance the poor and disadvantaged have of improving their circumstances. Why? In a free market economy, all transactions are voluntary and no group automatically has more power than the others. Honesty and trust are maximized. In all of history, there has never been a socialist system where the lives of the poor have improved. No Fascist country has ever survived. In these times, there are no true free market economies operating. Only a free market system is compatible with Christian philosophy and values.

Pope Francis is making an egregious error in attacking the free market concept.  He could be an evil man. I hope he is just ignorant.

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