The Role of Government

Government serves as a platform where people go to get what they want and have others pay for it. All who use government in this way deny doing so. All who learn in school of the many lofty roles’ government plays are not told the truth. Perhaps their teachers really don’t know any better.

Does government provide protection? Of course it does and at a very high price in terms of dollars and lives. To be protected citizens must participate in wars for profit. Most military operations have nothing to do with fighting for freedom. The greatest protection the United  States military provides is the fear others have of attacking us based on our level of strength. Mostly the military is a tool for the politically powerful to get what they want and of course have everyone else pay for it. Yes, along with fighting wars for profit, genuine threats will be dealt with, if and when they come along.

With respect to economic issues, government provides stimulus. What does stimulus do? Stimulus transfers wealth from citizens with little or no political power to super powerful citizens who decide when and how stimulus is administered. Who lobbies for government spending? Those who benefit directly from and out of proportion to others by virtue of how the money is spent are the ones who benefit.

Citizens believe government works one way when it really works completely differently. Who is surprised that ordinary citizens constantly come out on the short end of the stick with respect to government? It is certainly no surprise when the image folks have in there minds about what government is and does is completely at odds with the way it really works.


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