Thugs Take Charge

Make no mistake. There is an ongoing organized effort by an enormously powerful group to take control of the worlds factors of production. Last week I explained that the forever high moving stock market is a reflection of the effort to corner the equities market and really has nothing to do with private parties chasing stocks higher. If you think it is easy to rig the stock market now, just wait until central banks, corporations and certain participating elites have a controlling interest in the world’s largest corporations. The elite in charge basically use public money to accomplish their goals and take very little if any personal risk. They use basically free money for managing stock prices with the expectation that any losses will be passed to the tax payers. This effort will continue until or if coercion is used to stop the practice.

Is James Quillian just a tin horned conspiracy theorists?

There has never been a time in history when there has not been an ongoing effort to gain enough power to rule the world. There are always plans being made and there is generally ongoing demonstrative action. During this kind of process, there are always certain individuals who are aware of what is going on and speak up. These folks are deemed conspiracy theorists and dismissed. This is not a good time to make that mistake. In the modern political/economic arena a conspiracy is not needed. The public is so docile and self absorbed they don’t care and wouldn’t object anyway. The elite are in fact dangerously close to getting what they want.

On a number of occasions I have written on the subject of reality gaps. This is the difference between they way people think things are and they way they really are. A couple articles down, I am reposting a previous post dealing with that issue.  It takes a fantasy free mind to close those reality gaps.

For a person with no reality gaps, seeing that a group of thugs is on the verge of taking control of all of the major economies in the world is completely obvious. The average American deals with government as if it was a benevolent parent.  Being fantasy free, I see government as it is in terms of how it functions. Government serves as a way for folks with enough power to get what they want and have others pay for it. Thugs taking power over lives and incomes of everyone else is what is to be expected given complete absence of awareness on the part of the public.  In terms of how the world really works, it would be a bigger surprise if none of this was going on.


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