Today’s Most Lethal Fantasies.

These are some of the most lethal fantasies, given the situation the United State is in today.

The President and members of congress run for office because they are committed to serving humanity.

Self interest is the only reason anyone runs for office. In large aggregations of people, self interest is the only incentive. It takes highly unlikely human attributes to win an election. The competition to win is ruthless. Only the most ruthless can prevail. World leaders, including the United States president must be sociopaths. Otherwise they have no chance of winning.

The truth is used in politics.

The truth is not used at all. In order to win, politicians must tell the public what the public wants to hear. That is not the truth. Candidates who tell the truth lose, plain and simple.

World leaders are ideologically driven.

Look at a list of bills passed by congress in any year. On all but a few bills, the vote is not even close. Mostly, when it comes to actual legislation, Republicans and Democrats vote the same almost all of the time. Allusions to ideology are for the voters pleasure. The ideology politicians rattle off is about meaningless in terms of .

Democracy is a gentle process.

Democracy is a smokeless war. Government is the go to place to go to reap where you don’t sow.

What is in the news is what is going on. Congress hordes information. If you had it, you might make an issue over what they are doing. The media reports what their corporate owners insist they report, and don’t report what their owners don’t want you to hear.

The stock market is only manipulated in general by actions of the Fed.

I have made the case many times that it is manipulated and manicured split second by split second many times. One only need to examine the minute by minute charts of the averages. Such consistent trading patterns could only be generated mechanically.

Government has a means to enhance or save the economy. 

Stimulus is a political tool. Human nature does not allow it to work as it is suggested it will.

It is important that the country be united.  Democracy cannot function without division. A country united is on its way to becoming a totalitarian state.

I may add a few later. I need to go walk my dog and check on a sick relative.



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