Training the Human Species

How much training does a human being need? Mankind comes hosted with ample instinctive behaviors. Personality characteristics are mostly inborn. Certain personality characteristics mostly guarantee certain behaviors. In those respects no training is needed.

Suppose you want to train a group to serve you and be happy in doing so. To do that additional training is needed. The persons you are training must have an incentive to serve you and put their own interests aside in the process. Suppose you are a billionaire and would profit from a regime change in a foreign country. How do you convince the youth to join a war and kill and die on foreign soil? How do you condition Grannie not to complain when she is cheated out of the rightful earnings on her savings as it is funneled to the big banks instead? These things are not hard.

All through school government is treated as benevolent. So trust there is already established. The active notion is that government is fair, benevolent and has solutions. Americans come preconditioned to be of use to folks in power. Regardless additional training is often needed. How do we do it?

Have you ever trained a dog? The procedure for training humans exactly parallels the procedure for training a dog. First, a dog already identifies with the desires and wishes of the pack to which it belongs. Humans do also and instinctively exalt the species. Training is for specific behaviors. It works the same way with people. The universe’s resources as we are exposed to them are distributed in keeping with a system of dominance and subservience.

To teach a dog to come or to fetch, treats are used. The dog adapts, and discovers it is better off submitting to the owner. Its chances of survival are enhanced by bending to the owners will. A human will not submit if offered a dog biscuit. There are treats humans do respond to. One treat that works very well with humans is offering the perception of an elevation of tribal position. This is why leaders bestow honor after honor to all who serve in the nations military. There is very little a human will not do to get the kind attention of brethren. Sex is a highly useful motivator. Offer a human a meaningful treat and you will get the action you are looking for. Just, like with animals, training is more effective when treats are offered intermittently.

United State citizens might very well be the most well trained population in the history of the world. In one way or the other, from the top of society on down, Americans have all traded freedom for comfort and reassurance. The art of go along to get along has been mastered. This is a timely Curbside Jimmy tune. The scene shifts from a regular swamp to the big swamp in Washington D.C

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