Trump’s Economics Plan

race horseWhat is an economist for? Normally an economist is a credentialed individual who finds a method for transferring wealth and income from you to others with political power which you don’t have. Trump’s economic play will do that. Clearly he has talked with some economists.

As a serious rule of thumb any time there is a proposal to change the tax code without a prior reduction in spending, your tax burden is going to increase. What would constitute a good tax proposal? Americans have now idea what government costs.  With a good tax code, citizens pay more when government spending increases and they pay less when government spends less. Unless, citizens feel the burden of spending increases, they will not object to any spending increase. My wife Jean just commented that tax cuts are monetary morphine. I cannot argue with that.

Trump wants to cut the corporate tax.  It would actually be good to have a corporate tax rate of 0% but there is a problem. Corporations own the government and use it as a means of passing legislation that bolsters their bottom. They use federal reserve policy to flood the economy with money thus elevate their profit margins at the expense of.  Because corporations control government, the added cost to the public actually function as a tax on you. With Trumps proposal, corporations will pay less to support government but the corporations will still be able to tax you. It is a gift to the rich. Corporate taxes need to come down but only if they lose the ability to place their own taxes on the public. When you pay extra for everything you buy and prices are elevated by misuse of government, you are paying a tax even thought it is not named a tax.

With respect to trade, only free trade will be helpful to the citizens of the country. With free trade there no tariffs on goods entering or leaving the country. It is as simple as that.

Trump is a good choice for president because his opponent is a world class felon and a sociopath.


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