UFO Dialogue In Government

Times are very interesting. We have an economy
where all the unearned money in the world is
devoted to preventing the stock market from falling.
When that can no longer be done, the entire
economy will crash.

Economies around the world are shut down or
disabled due to the emergence of the Corona Virus.
The overall death rate in the U.S. is about the same
as it is every year. Even in states where masks are
no longer required, ordinary people are scared to
take them off.

The tech, insurance and banking corporations
authored the worldwide response to the Corona
Virus. They are prospering like nothing before.
A handful of corporate insiders and other elites have literally conquered the world and are no dictating policy to virtually every government in the world. Countries around the world are baiting one another into war.
Ordinary citizens are complying with government edicts, waiting for all of these issues to disappear just like the have in the past.

And, now your government is about to release information to the effect of, UFO’s may very well be monitoring our military bases and that this all needs to be recognized and dealt with.

Personally, I have never given much thought to UFO dialog and alleged sightings. There are very
good reasons why we have never been visited bu aliens and most likely every be. That is because
if all life, including alien, is subject to the same laws of dominance and subservience they will
destroy themselves long before they ever make it out of their solar systems.

History shows that the life’s power struggle does not lose its intensity no matter how much
power is consolidated. Human beings never stop seeking power. The world is like a big game of
king of the mountain. Technology makes it possible to kill more and more people with fewer
resources and less effort.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Peasants in the field, on average arehardly corrupt at all. Corruption at the top, like with world leaders is so pronounced it is unfathomable. It is so unfathomable that folks insist on deeming it otherwise. In the end, given our system of dominance and subservience, certainty any intelligent life on earth will kill itself
off long before any serious space travel is possible.

But, there is no certainty that the same system of regulating life on earth is present on any other
planets where there is life. Chances are though that life is life and it works the same way no
matter where it is.

Scared people are a wonderful market. They will pay almost unlimited sums for even the illusion
of safety and security. So, if there is even a hint that aliens are scoping out our world, the cost of
living will skyrocket astronomically. Who wouldn’t surrender most rights to a central authority
in order to be protected from invading aliens from outer space?

Realistically, if an alien civilization is advanced enough to make it here, we might as well just
throw in the towel and wait and see what they do to us, if anything all.

We all know that you can’t get something for nothing. Perhaps aliens can show us that there
really is a way to get something for nothing. That would sure make a lot of human beings happy.

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