Understanding Human Behavior

670px-Improve-Your-Child's-Behavior-Step-1How did Common Sense Economics discover that most of human behavior is based on instinct and not intellect? It all starts by understanding that intellectual reasoning would never produce the kind of results we get in government and and macro economics. Then we notice that humanity is always described in the most flattering way possible. Certainly it is an instinct common to all animals to exalt their own species. Animals live lives of dominance and subservience and human beings are no exception. Out of necessity, self interest is part of every human activity.

It is not so much that Common Sense Economics made a discovery. These are observations anyone can make. Man acting out of intellect would never create the situation we are in today. Man acting as an animal driven by instinct would would generate the exact situation that is in place today.

The secular world, as it is called in metaphysical circles, is nothing more than animals surviving the way animals are hard-wired to survive. It is through the spiritual nature that good will, mercy and concern for others is experienced. There is a clear choice to be made although it is seldom made consciously. Study politics and macro economics the same way a herd of horses is analysed and all that goes on in the world makes perfect sense.

Peace can be found spiritually but it seldom is. The secular world has a counterfeit version of peace that is based on defining the person and everything in life with euphemisms. A human is defined as a splendid entity, just short of being divine. All people are assumed to be upright and of the highest character unless demonstrated to be otherwise. Innocent until proven guilty is the secular world’s golden rule. Peace is a matter of managing one’s self esteem.

As comforting as euphemisms are, it is a big mistake to apply them to ones country and one’s leaders. Self interest is what motivates all people in their secular lives. Almost any highly educated sociologist, economist, anthropologist, political scientist, or even a truck driver could make these observations and explain them more elegantly. Most of knowing is dependent on the willingness to observe.

Jesus explained that “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” He was teaching special listeners who already knew the nature of truth. The truth may set you free but you will probably be offended upon first hearing it. Most people cannot make themselves entertain ideas like this.

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