Virginia Shooting

Politicians seize every opportunity to virtue signal and engage in recreational grief. Do not forget that all of these folks are hybrids of the human race in that they are sociopaths or if you prefer have political personalities. Don’t forget that you have no representation in congress. Upon taking their seats, the representation you claim as your right is freely transferred to the highest bidder. You as a citizen are simply there to be exploited if you allow it to turn out that way. There is not a soul in any branch of government who will not try and use this tragedy or any other as a means for personal gain. The vast majority in congress are nothing more than agents for the deep state which uses them to exploit you the citizen for profit.
The one thing this shooting did is help verify that the violence will start from the left. You can expect more of it because the everyday lawlessness we tolerate at the top does in fact trickle down. Those who are only on the fringes of sanity are the first to snap.
The economy has been destroyed. When there is not a drop of income left for the deep state operators by virtue of artificially elevating stock prices, all will see that there is very little left in terms of opportunity for the average person.
Don’t let yourself, due to mushy feelings, forget how much corruption and outright crime is ongoing in congressional dealings and the everyday running of government.
Government is for taking, not giving.

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