Welfare For The Rich

Easy money is a favorite of Republican administrations. Debate continues over further Federal Reserve easing. Easy money is welfare for the rich in its simplest form. Easy money protects profit margins of corporations while depressing real wages of working people. Easy money also starves savers of interest on their savings. Most working class Republicans are not smart enough to understand how their pockets are being picked by easy money policies. Those who are smart enough are too lazy to entertain the slightly abstract concepts of how the process works. Very simply when the productivity of workers increases in a free market economy, prices either fall or workers are paid more. Either way, without government intervention regular people should be better off when they become more productive. Easy money policies prevent free market forces from working. Unfortunately Republican voters mistake sound bites for knowledge and never know that their role models are stealing their standard of living from them. To Republicans, their role models are their betters. Republicans never question much less criticize their betters.
Republicans also believe that Socialism invades an economy from the bottom up. That doesn’t happen in a country that starts out wealthy. Democracy is the true source of Socialism in the United States. Democracy is used to redistribute income in favor of whatever group has the greatest political power. Since the rich are powerful politically money goes to the top. In Socialism, money is like cream. It always goes to the top.
Republicans wish to exalt themselves when it comes to economic matters. The truth is that the Republicans are the party that has dismantled our free market system and replaced it with central planning. All the while, the Republican base has been in la la land thinking they are being good boys and girls for being pro business. Only suffering has a chance of curing such stupidity.

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