What Government Is For And The Business Cycle

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Folks, what is government for? You can give it all kinds of lofty definitions, exalt all of the people who work in it. Then you can declare that everyone who works in government has given up self interest and is working tirelessly to make everyone’s lives better.

Those are all highly comforting notions. But, none of it is true. The way government is actually used varies from decade to decade. It is never used the way you think it is even if the way you think it works. Today the rich are using government to insulate themselves from the rigors of free market competition. They do so easily because people do not recognize this as fascism.

I get called out for hating the rich. Does expecting the rich to live under the same economic system as the rest of us constitute hating the rich? You may have noticed that applying any law to people at the top is not particularly easy to do. That is kind of hard to miss unless you are making sure you don’t notice.

The system is going to break down. It is going to break down because the system has been saved so many time. The first economist to entertain the idea of a business cycle was Karl Marx, the father of communism. Karl Marx offered communism as a way to end the business cycle. The only way Marx could tame the business cycle was to do away with capitalism.

The solutions offered by economists, other than myself are not suggesting communism or socialism outright. Instead they they remove the necessary attributes of free markets, like the scarcity of money. Then they pass out subsidies to the affluent. Karl Marx wanted to send the free market system to the execution chamber. American economists, other than myself, only break the knee caps of the free market system. So, Americans would say no thanks to Marxism. But, breaking the knee caps of capitalism and letting it die an agonizing death is something Americans are overwhelmingly embracing.

What cannot be proven with statistics can be proven easily with natural law. Free markets produce optimums. Improvements are desired but they are impossible, no less than it is impossible to have a round square. Free markets generate the best economic outcomes for all income classes, but the free market system is not perfect. It turns out that there are business cycles and sometimes things get bad before they get better. As it is, your country’s economists with me as an exception, believe ending the business cycle is a good idea. Kill the business cycle and you kill the free market system. The efforts to kill the business cycle, without officially having the intention do do so have already brought the economy to the brink of destruction.

So, as it turns out, in order to destroy capitalism, it is not really necessary to have a revolution and overthrow the country. Your country’s economists, with the exception James Quillian of course, are working tirelessly to end the business cycle, which will in the end, end our prosperous way of life.

Kill the business cycle and you kill the free market system.

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