What is the Deep State?

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What is the Deep State?

The Deep State is network of politically powerful people and organizations who dictate policy to all of the major governments of the world.

From Wikipedia:  “The concept of a deep state suggests that there exists a coordinated effort by career government employees and others to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership.”

Is the Deep State a conspiracy? Conspiracy is the wrong word. Governments naturally become infested with crime. The Deep State, regardless of how it is defined, functions as an organized crime organization. Odds are, there is no formal membership. Symbiotic relationships form over a number of years. Most likely the Deep State functions in a way that is similar to the way crime families of old used to cooperate with one another.

It is important to for Americans to know, that the Deep States owns the government of the United States of America. All legislation today supports the agenda of the Deep State organization. The well being of individual lawmakers, depends on how effective they are in accomplishing the goals of the Deep State. This is why, politicians take completely confounding  positions on issues when they are put on the spot. Voting contrary to the will of the Deep State, has severe consequences.

It is extremely important, to know that the Deep State itself as well as other cooperating wealthy persons are above the law. That is because they own the government. By virtue of owning the United States government, the Deep State also owns the FBI and the CIA. Why do employees of these agencies do and say such bizarre and unexpected things? There loyalty lies with the Deep State and not United State citizens.

The goals of the major media organizations are completely compatible with those of the deep state. The media is not actually biased, but just working in ways that bolster its bottom line.

Where does Donald Trump fit into this picture? For unknown reasons, Donald Trump is not part of the Deep State. A non affiliated president serves as a serious threat to them. The Deep state is a for profit organization. Their profit largely comes from managing the opinions and activities of the overall population. If Americans discover how much they are being fleeced, that will be a huge financial blow to the Deep State.

The emergency mode of efforts to get rid of Donald Trump are not based on political ideology but out of fear he might cause the break up of the Deep State or at least disrupt its business model which is based on exploiting ordinary members of the world’s population.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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