What is Time? The Quillian Theory

The time we know is based upon measuring the revolution the earth makes around the sun and then how the world turns during that time period. If we lived on another planet, Neptune for example, time would still be time but we would measure it based on different orbit and different planet spin.

I am not a physicist but I am a fan of people who are physicists. Physicists talk about things like time dilation for fast moving objects. How much time goes by depends upon how fast you are moving. Even though I am a fan of physics and physicists and admit that they are all smarter than me, I disagree with what they believe about time. I have every expectation that this theory will be quickly debunked. Nothing would make me happier. Then I would no longer be distracted from thinking about things I actually do know something about. On the other hand if it turns out that this can’t be debunked and I am actually right then I should get the Nobel Prize in physics. Of course this idea is so simple there is a real good chance others have thought of the same thing.

Regardless, through fantasy free thinking it is natural to find issues with the basic assumptions on which a theory is based. For example, Keynesian economist imagine a certain entity into existence which simply does not exist. This is the concept of a straw man. His entire general theory depends upon the presence of a completely imaginary creature. There is not point in learning the complexities of Keynesian economics if the most critical assumption it is based on cannot be found anywhere in nature.

I am suggesting that what Einstein and others have been observing is not actually time. Time is independent of the speed of light and objects moving around the universe. Really smart people have trouble noticing simple things.

Here is my argument:

For the sake of the explanation lets assume that it is possible on various planets around the universe to communicate instantaneously.

There is a human on earth, a being on Neptune and an 3rd creature in a different galaxy. Each being has a bell. They all agree to ring their bells simultaneously and do so. Based on earth time alone our guys bell will be rung now (1:00 pm for example). The being on Neptune will ring his bell at now plus 223 light minutes according to earth time. The creature in another galaxy will be ringing his bell at now plus his distance in light years, earth time also. Regardless, all of the bells ring simultaneously. Allowing for small margins of error, all of the bells will have been rung at the same time. Next the beings agree to ring there bells in sequence rather than simultaneously. Earth will ring first. Neptune will ring second. The being in another galaxy will ring third. There will be a short pause between rings. It will be ding ding ding. The pause between the dings is what time is. Physicists are measuring objects, waves and such moving around the universe. Time is independent of all of that. The earth bell rings. The being Neptune taps a foot a few times before ringing his bell. After the Neptune bell rings, the distant galaxy creature, taps his foot before for ringing his bell. There is time between each ring. This is time passing and it has nothing to do with the speed of light. The earth guy will have one measurement of how much time passes. The other two ringers will decide how much time passed by using their unique time systems. There is no known method of measuring the time that I just explained. Physicists are studying the dynamics of waves objects and anything moving with respect to one another. These effort are to be applauded but they are studying something other than time,

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