What We Are Afraid To See and Maybe Don’t Want to Know

There is an unspoken agreement between government, organized crime and larger trading firms. Manipulate prices if you wish as long as the results are higher prices. What a great way to make money this is, contingent of course on all of the big players in the financial arena being on the same page. There are plenty of losers but they don’t know they are being soaked or how it is being done. As a result of the Federal Reserve’s giving out free trading money ordinary people pay more for gas, milk, rent and all other life’s basics. People who simply save get nothing in terms of interest on their money because banks get all the money they want for nothing, from the Federal Reserve.
Theft is legal when it is accomplished through the use of government especially when the victims don’t mind. The thieves only have one risk. Financial assets might drop in price despite the organized efforts to keep them moving higher. It happened with real estate.
Right now we have a delicate equilibrium. All of the thieves are working together and the victims are not suffering enough to investigate the source of their hardships. What could happen to upset this cozy arrangement? What if the solution to the Cypress crisis were to burn the Russian Mob, or any other group milking the asset value enhancement cash cow? Up until now, the path of least resistance for big players has been to work together. If just one breaks ranks and decides to work the downside of the market, the result will be a stock market avalanche.
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