Why does Warren Buffett believe in big government?

Why does Warren Buffett believe in big government? Such a brilliant man could not honestly believe that Americans are getting a good deal from big government. Government provides critical services to the elitist class which benefits greatly when the thoughts and behavior of the masses are predictable and synchronized. Government and big business are always on the same side with respect to managing public opinion. With public opinion well managed democracy is diffused as a determinant of political outcomes. For government and big business to remain big, they must be big together. Of course Warren Buffett is happy to pay higher taxes. Big government is his business partner, without which he would suffer. Keeping government big to the elitist class is necessary for their continued wellbeing. Remember, among elitists, the thirst for power is more important than the profit motive. For an elitist, losing the power to control what other people do is to lose his reason for living.

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