World Series of Stock Market Manipulation

indexFirst understand these things. Quantitative easing is a political agenda not an economic remedy. Economic forecasts coming out of the Federal Reserve have been wrong 100% of the time. Greek debt exceeds the assets of the Greek banking system. Friends of the Fed trade risk free as a reward to assisting the Federal Reserve in the execution of  its political agenda.

When there is an issue overhanging the market, central banks buy with both hands for the purpose of providing confidence to investors who still believe the financial markets are largely pristine. The worst time to short stocks, therefore is on a day or days when a global financial problem is in the process of running its course. As long as Greek insolvency is in the news, do not expect the market to drop.

Prior to the resolution of something like Greek insolvency, negativity is encouraged up until a particular day. This is to draw in shorts so that their stops can be run, driving prices suddenly higher. Short positions serve as demand for stocks on a day when bad news comes out.

After a strong opening, the averages are held in a consolidation pattern giving the impression that demand will soon give way to supply. All during the consolidation short sellers take positions waiting for the inevitable decline. Instead they get their stops run again and the market moves higher with a nice white candle.

Strangely, bears still haven’t adapted. They still use traditional technical analysis which only works in a market that is largely free from manipulation. This will change but it hasn’t changed yet. Usually the only cure for stupidity is suffering. Apparently bears have not suffered enough.

When will the market crash? Quantitative easing provides profits to those with the political power to control government. That is what Fascism is and it will eventually destroy even those who are reaping its early but temporary benefits. Misery starts at the bottom rung of the ladder and then starts moving up until the ladder just collapses. That could happen any day but on any given day, chances are that it won’t.

Never short. Just take positions in bear etfs on the S&P, Nasdaq and the Russell 2000. For now do not trade on margin and only use one third of your capital for etf positions. Odds still favor the Fed’s political initiative. Having cash is a priority. The best time to buy a bear etf is on a completely sponsored day such as what occurred on Monday. The market is being manipulated and this initiative will not be discontinued. It will end when it stops working. Then the market will crash.

Sweet Suzie’s Kool Aid, a timely tune by Curbside Jimmy


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