Big Leveling Tools

It takes big tools to make quick work of leveling Americans into one class.


Americans have just now completed the first wave of leveling – flattening the hills, raising the valleys, evening everything out.  Cast down the industrious, elevate the sluggish. Everyone will be equal but the equalizers (and the prison guards).  Who are these equalizers?  These are the ones who generate phrases to assimilate into the general consciousness, like “essential services” and “frontline worker.”  You will never know who these people are.  You are forbidden to ask, to assume they even exist.  The question is removed as it is being asked, cut off, censored.  You can wonder aloud woth your verbal search for clarity, sounding the ideas off others to gauge their reactions and see what they think, but your genuine request for debate is cut off.  There is no debate, for there is no question.

Oh, but you would dare ask the question?  You are brave enough? Brave? Some would say stupid. Now you’ve done it.  You are being watched. You are now on the list. List? What list? Forget it. You are imaging things. That doesn’t exist either.  Hamlet was crazy and so must you be. If there was something to know, you’d never be in on it.  You are not allowed to know.  

And the next wave of leveling is upon us.  It is here. What is your response? Never in the history of humanity has there been a better opportunity. Inundated by comforts, spoiled as never before, we say take our minds, take our lives, use us as you will, but please, please please, let me have just one more morsel of escape. Help me escape my pain, as it is greater than I want to bear and your comfort is just so… comforting.  Please tell me you love me, that you like me.  If you smile at me or even wink, that will be enough.  I’ll devote my everything to you if you just feed my false image of myself.  Please!  I’ll do anything if I just don’t have to go THERE.  Take yourself away and force my hand to go there myself, to the place that burns away the parasite living within me, that just doesn’t want to die.

But that false image of yourself isn’t you.  It’s false. It’s the parasite planted in you by the notorious Hannibal Lecter himself.  He seduces you, poisons you and dines on you all the while making you believe that you actually are the one who chose your fate, to be eaten alive.  They generate documents to demonstrate your decision.  It has your signature. You clicked the “approve” button.  You asked for it.  You are responsible. Here! Take a bite of yourself if you like.  It tastes like chicken.  Consume yourself as you yourself are consumed.  You thank your corrupting influence as you sacrifice yourself to the parasite! 

During  the first wave of leveling, one of the phrases we heard, acclimated to was “essential.”  It was used to delineate one type of person from another.  There were “essential workers” and “essential services.”  Frontline heroes are a group of people who were, if one can even consider it a concept, “safe” from the leveling.  It seems those most at risk were those who are small business owners and the entrepreneur type.  Restaurant owners, gym owners, martial arts schools, theater companies, churches, any business or organization allowing or encouraging groups to gather – all shut down, inessential.  

There are the essential and the non-essential.  You don’t get to determine.  No say at all.  Am I essential?  It doesn’t matter what I think.  Apparently not qualified to make that determination,I certainly think I’m essential.  My family agrees.  But we also live in an age where thinking is done on our behalf. Who am I to think for myself? It doesn’t matter if a person considers him or herself essential.  He isn’t smart enough to decide.  It doesn’t matter if his family depends on him, or loses his business or her job.  What matters, apparently, is being essential or non-essential to society as a whole, society en masse.  We do not get to decide who that is.  You are self starting and a go getter? Apparently that’s not essential. Let the leveling begin.  

What is the next group of our society to be leveled?  In the Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitzen describes a group of people known as the wreckers.  These wreckers were people whose (alleged) sole purpose was the foiling of big plans.  Snidely Whiplash tying Nell in the train’s pathway or otherwise trying to run the train off the tracks.  They were the saboteurs, sabotaging the goals of the people in positions of power making decisions that no wrecker was qualified to make.  

Many of these wreckers were intellectuals , engineers and scientists who were apparently too smart for their own good. 

Engineers and scientists being reformed to think differently through hard labor.

Engineers and scientists being reformed to think differently through hard labor.

They were sent to prison and labor camps to be reformed into agreement.  Who is the next group of people to be leveled?  Will it not be those who scrutinize the decisions of people who think up terms like “essential worker” and essential services” and “frontline worker?” 

Perhaps some fool will challenge the decision makers by making what would be to most, an obviously more rational and intelligent decision than the actual decision makers.  This is the person who will be sought out and vilified.  Vilified until the public demands arrests, jail sentences, reformation or outright elimination. Right now broad strokes are being painted and base colors put into place.  The details of this dastardly masterpiece are yet to come.  

Who is it that generates a phrase like “essential services?”  Perhaps the phrase appears naturally out of thin air?  But we weren’t supposed to consider any other option!  To consider any other option insinuates that the official phrase generator doesn’t know what he’s doing.  But don’t dare say he, because it might be a she and you’d offend someone.  Before long the (lets call it what it really is) phrase induced hypnosis generator, will be run by artificial intelligence, and what will you call it then?  Neither he nor she, nor anything in between.  

But for now we aren’t to question phrases like “essential services” asking how they came to be, for assuming that such a phrase was generated by a person and that it didn’t magically appear out of thin air is to be a conspiracy theorist!  Oh the canvas being prepared!  A conspiracy theorist! That’s someone who believes in a person somewhere controlling the generation of what have become universal phrases like “essential services” or “frontline worker.”  

Essential workers decided upon by those who cannot be reached for questioning.

Who decides who is essential and who isn’t? Definitely not you. Whoever decides can’t be reached for questioning.

We need survival techniques if we are to survive.  You could use the compliance technique. You know who the compliant ones are.  They are the ones who put signs in their front yards that say, “We love the frontline workers. Say a prayer for them.”  Signs like these definitely postpone your own leveling. It will be necessary to demonstrate the belief that others are smarter than we are, that we actually have no brains at all. A yard sign becomes a life preserver, showing your allegiance to the all knowing “essential phrase generator.”  It is necessary to publicly agree with people making tough decisions on our behalf.  To not agree is to be seen as a wrecker, a foiler, saboteur, one who gathers and incites people to question official phrase generators, the machine being built.  

Oh, but there’s obviously no machine being built.  To think so is to be a wrecker.  So obviously there is no machine and no phrase generating person who is a cog in the machine’s gears. Obviously there is no idea factory above the official phrase generator who asks, “what phrase will best pacify the people and lead them toward the compliance we need?  No.  Nobody asks that question, obviously, because to think so demonstrates an inner disease of individuality that is not conducive to the conformity being sought out.  Oh, but there is no conformity being sought out!  I have to remember that! Don’t talk about that!  It pisses off the people who are conforming!  It’s ok. You might not be leveled today, but you will be leveled tomorrow. 

It is so important therefore to find sanity in these crazy times.  I guess one must choose which sanity would be most fitting.  Should the choice be the sanity of conformity and compliance? Of the sign makers? Or of individuality? Of free thinking?  It’s a hard decision because obviously the two don’t get along and each consider the other a heretic. Every fool is right in his own mind. The entire asylum has conspired to call themselves sane!  

Which version of sanity should win in the end?  The ones who’s sanity no one can question?  Some Saducees asked Jesus once “We are not blind too are we?”  Jesus said, “If you were blind, you would have no sin. But since you claim to see, your sin remains.” Let the one without sin cast the first stone. 

Perhaps the ones who’s sanity should win out are the ones who are willing to question not only everyone else’s sanity, but their own as well. But these people habitually do not speak out. They are usually too busy getting on with getting through the struggles of life to try converting someone to their way of thinking. They don’t realize the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Those who deem themselves unquestionably sane – that their sanity is not to be questioned, love to shout from the rooftops their mission to change the world. These are the ones at the protests throwing bricks through windows. Point out that their sanity is actually insanity and you might get your own windows broken out with intimidation bricks of protest. 

What happens when the ones who can’t help but raise the question, “Where did the essential worker phrase come from?” and “What makes this group of workers essential and not the others?” What happens when they will not stop questioning?  Are they to be reformed? Corrected?  Surely they can’t be allowed to keep questioning.  Surely they can’t be allowed to gather with like minded questioners!  What method will be employed that will adequately bring all into agreement? 

Is there some form of indoctrination class to send them to?  Is there a reform school?  How are they to be reeducated?  Let us perhaps refer to the building of Belomor Canal in Russia, where all the engineers were rounded up as political prisoners, as wreckers, and were reformed through hard labor? Are questioners to be worked thus? Are such questions to be driven out with pick, sledgehammer, shovel and wheelbarrow? 

If there is to be a reformation of human minds, a mass reschooling, a reeducation, a great unlearning, how is it to happen?  And who will be in charge of such reorienting maneuvers? Will it be the loudmouthed intimidating  brick throwers? Will it be someone you know?  A member of your own family? If you are one who questions, are you to keep silent?  It’s a hard question to answer.  Surely those who question must be brave.  It could cost them everything. 

But at some point, hopefully soon, the questioners will awaken from their dutiful daily routines and responsibilities to put their activities on hold for a minute.  Perhaps they will awaken and sound the alarm that our territories are being infiltrated, that we must seek out the serpents in our midsts and stop them from injecting us with their venom.  

Our kids have already been bitten.  Hopefully it isn’t too late to save them.  Maybe, if one right now stands up and sounds an alarm, another will sound an alarm, others will awaken and prepare themselves for the great resistance that is to come.  Surely it is to come because, left asleep, there will be no escape when we are descended upon unaware.  It is time to wake up and declare – “I am an essential worker, and without me, this onslaught will not stop.” 

Arise essential worker, arise.  The ones who have deemed people other than you an essential worker are not right.  You are the one who is essential. You who must be the first responder.  If we leave it to the great unseen and mysterious voice to determine who is essential and who is not, we are all doomed, for not only the leveling has begun, the first wave has already passed. 

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