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Elitists Are Born

Elitists are born not made. An elitist is hardwired to manage the lives and behavior of aggregations of people with strong herd instincts. It is a codependent relationship between the elitist and the people whose lives are managed. Rank and file people instinctively relate to government as if it were a parent. Elitists and the rank and file are drawn together like opposite ends of a magnet.
Michael Bloomberg, being an elitist, feels incomplete as a person if he is making decision as to how others behave and how they use their time and energy.
All Americans have a codependency relationship with government to one degree or another. In New York, this tendency is particularly pronounced.
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Texas Border Crisis Solution

Most problems have simple solutions. However, those kinds of solutions are never used or even suggested. Real solutions require a change in thinking or using the principle of deferred gratification. Also, the experts implementing solutions want to be paid as much as possible. Genuine solutions are so simple, there is no profit in even suggesting one.

Establish a free market zone along the Rio Grande. The U.S., Mexico, or both could do this. In this zone, there would be no Social Security, other entitlements or other government benefits. It would be up to the folks in this area to make their own laws. There would be a separation between the economy and the state. Continue reading

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How To Be Poor

Although not yet acknowledged, most Americans are going to lose everything they own. Why is this inevitable? Learn to think in the light of reality and it is completely clear. Do that and recognize what is obvious. Don’t do that and be suddenly surprised. Root causes become completely apparent. United States has dismantled its free market system and opted for a system of central economic planning, though not stated and not in an easily recognizable form. Modern monetary theory solutions, i.e. QE etc., constitute central economic planning. With any kind of intervention government gets commandeered by the politically powerful who get laws passed and policies implemented which transfer resources to them. This practice has been ongoing in vengeance since the Reagan Administration. The damage js done. The consequences will be severe. This is reality. Continue reading

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Suppose We Go To War

With our intelligence agencies burning so many resources monitoring ordinary people who might be being truthful in a way that might expose government, corporate and deep state agendas, perhaps they are not noticing meaningful possible strategies our alleged enemies might employ if a war breaks out.. Continue reading

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Can The Stock Market Go Down?

In theory,the stock market can go down. Which matters most, theory or reality? Here is the reality. When ten percent of the population own ninety percent of all stock, they can push stocks around as easy as pushing jelly around on a plate. There has been  an ongoing successful effort for decades to consolidate stock ownership of assets, especially stock. There has to be a reason for that. The obvious reason is to control stock prices. Continue reading

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The Future of Gregg Abbott

Prior to his new prowess as a border crisis hero, Abbott had earned a reputation as an admirer of the WEF and other collectivest  initiatives. Does one case of being a states rights hero change his stripes? Previously, I posted an article explaining the impossibility of a politician being elected to a high office without being a psychopath. As hard as this is to swallow, take the time to read the article (link below). Make a counter argument to each point made and explain to me how else it can be that way. Continue reading

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How The War Can Be Won

U.S citizens don’t understand that there is a war waging against them minute by minute. Citizens in all other countries are fighting the same war. All are fighting the same enemy. The enemy is organized and and focused. Citizens around the world are not. When compromised, they behave much like ants in a bed that somebody hacks into with a pick ax. They get disturbed and run around mindless, not knowing who struck them.

Continue reading

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The Sex Lives of Politicians

What does it mean when a president engages in extra-marital sex? If a person disavowed everyone who cheated in a marriage, he might as well drop out of society and become a hermit. What about morality ? That is a significant topic but it is not relevant to the point of this article. Let  me explain why sexual infidelity is highly relevant in politics. It is a sign of something more significant. . Continue reading

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