The Elite in Retreat

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Thinking is discouraged in our society. Once conventional wisdom sinks in, it provides non-thinking, comfortable reasons for adopting one position or another. Thinking in moving pictures always renders more accurate insight.

It is routinely assumed that the elite of the world are united. It seems they are because they look out for one another. The fact is that each elite has his own agenda. Cooperation comes from symbiotic relationship – where they all benefit from supporting one another.

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Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

So far, I haven’t heard any warnings with respect to conspiracy theorists making hay out of the Trump assassination attempts. That warning is the first indication that a coverup is in operation. Its absence does not mean there is no coverup going on. Realistically, the conspiracy theory warning has been overused. It makes sense that it would be avoided in this case.

I have heard Matthew Crooks described as a lone wolf already. I saw an image of the dead Crooks after he had been shot. It looked to me as if he was wearing a rented lone wolf costume, like from a costume shop.

When an assassination or the attempt has occurred there are important questions that need to be asked.
Are any political motivations present? In this case, there are multitudes of political motivations.

Would there be any reason to describe an assassin as a crazy lone wolf when in fact he was a participant in an organized plan? Of course there would be. Do that and the investigation is over. The truth won’t emerge for forty years.

Were there any odd malfunctions of people or devices that would have prevented the event had they been working as expected? Already, there is an interview with an ordinary guy who saw the shooter on the roof with a rifle. He advised law enforcement, and he was ignored, i.e. guards and cameras in the Epstein death.

Are there trite and superficial explanations used in order to complete a rapid conclusive investigation? For this, we will have to wait and see.

Is there any opposition to rapidly closing the case in congress? All on the same page is a warning sign. I teach that folks actually have no representation in congress. That doesn’t mean they don’t represent anyone. They just don’t represent those who elect them. With no incentive at all in play, lawmakers represent themselves alone. That is until a third party provides them with an incentive. When all of congress lines up on the same side, it is not hard to determine who they genuinely represent. Notice, that there were no calls from congress to do a thorough investigation of Epstein’s death.

How is mainstream media handling the story? If media and all of government are on the same page, it is a coverup. If the media buries the story after a few days, that is significant. If the newscasts are of the ho hum variety…. that counts also.

How do excuses coming from the moths of authority sound? Are they similar to the old grade school excuse, “The dog ate my homework?”

There is no way to decide that an assassination or an attempt at one is part to an organized plan. My purpose here is not to find evidence so as to indict anyone. Natural law is of little value in the legal system. Natural law can put one soul in a position of knowing. Natural law does put a person on the right side of arguments.

For myself, I haven’t completely answered these questions, so I don’t yet have a complete assessment as of now. Historical precedent along with the enormous efforts already made to take Donald Trump off the ticket provide plenty of reasons for suspecting that there is more involved than one demented youth doing something crazy. U.S. citizens are crazy if they don’t insist on an in-depth investigation from an independent source.

Why not depend upon an investigation by an existing government agency? Any government agency might be part of any coverup. There is more than enough evidence available to suspect any government agency would be complicit in carrying out a coverup.

On a final note – as soon as I heard about the event, I started making thoughtful posts and comments on X. I keep tabs on my blog hits throughout the day. Within minutes Fantasy Free Economics was visited by perhaps ten Google databanks. Hits like this don’t occur very often. As of this morning, I am locked out of X.

The last time Fantasy Free Economics got these kinds of hits occurred just following my posting of an article making the case that organized crime owns the healthcare industry. Shortly afterwards, my blog under ( was destroyed after being up for over eleven years. I had to republish the blog under its current URL.

To say the least, my own experiences have accentuated my awareness of the pervasiveness of censorship as it applies to ordinary people.

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Rules of Censorship

Rules of Censorship PDF Version

I have written much about censorship. The latest censorship article, More Censorship Please is well worth reading. The following is a more in depth look at root causes.

Here is how to find the root cause of an issue. The United States is going through at least two decades of increasing levels of censorship. We start by asking questions. Why in this unique time period in history, has it become necessary to censor certain points of view? Is this something the public  has asked to be done?  No. Did it spring up out of nowhere kind of like spontaneous combustion? No.

With respect to any public phenomenon, unless it evolves out of some grass roots endeavor, it is a profit initiative on the part of some person or group. How could it be anything else? Is there any such thing as a person or government that is benevolent enough to seek and find ways to protect ordinary people from hearing words that may or may not be factual. Notice that when the public is ostensibly protected there is no objective criteria for determining what is true and what is not. Most of what we deem to be true in this world is not provable.

Most of what gets censored is theoretical as in, “This is my theory.” If it is so important to protect citizens from hearing certain things, why was everything said officially about Covid and Vaccines not fact checked?  During 2020, Facebook refused an article I had posted about Vitamin C.  Vaccines, kill. I could have posted as many articles praising the vaccines and that would have been fine. The fact is that what is true or not is debatable.

Censorship is highly profitable to anyone who has the power to use it as a tool for profit. Precisely who benefits is easy to determine. Look at who is doing the censorship. Look at who could possibly be negatively impacted by the words of the one being censored.  Under no circumstances is censorship imposed out of goodwill. There is a complete chance that it is being imposed out of fear of being exposed. Censorship is the only tool to combat changing thoughts and attitudes that threaten the power structure.

It never hurts to think about these things.




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Every Man For Himself

Every Man For Himself PDF Version

The sentence “Every man for himself” conveys an emergency situation where all order has broken down, and group effort is useless.

“An expression of panic, that everyone should forget about comradeship and save themselves” – unknown source

“something that you say that means that everyone in a particular situation is trying to do what is best for themselves and no one is trying to help anyone else ” – Cambridge

How does “It’s every man for himself.” describe the economic and political situations in the world today? Even a casual glance indicates that we are moving in that direction. Who would argue that the primary function of government is to administer justice. Is there any evidence today of any government doing so? Continue reading

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Julian Assange

Julian Assange.PDF Version

Here is what I am expecting. The news media will make the announcement and then bury the story. With this, the Deep State has made the best deal it could. It is Assange’s influence that they want to squelch. With anything but a plea deal, like a trial, Assange would have had a more powerful voice.

Look at the history of how the media has treated stories that might bring out conservative and insightful thought and dialog to the forefront.

Rush Limbaugh died in 2021. His passing was treated as a ho hum happening, Missing were the short documentaries that are typical when an important person dies. The deaths of Fidel Castro in 2008 and Hugo Chavez in 2013 got plenty of coverage. Continue reading

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Living in the Presence of Evil

Living in the Presence of Evil.PDF Version

Before reading, it might be good to examine the definition of evil – as the word is used in common language , as well as some more sophisticated thoughts on the subject by Scott Beck who is the well – known author of “The Road Less Traveled.”

Merriam Webster- Definition of Evil.

Dr. Scott Peck, Psychiatrist On Causes of Evil

Mostly in this blog, I discuss economics, politics and natural law – in terms of how it applies to these subject areas. I am not a prophet or an avatar. However, I am a mystic. My method is not to rely only on things that can be seen , touched, felt and watched. I heavily consider influences we can’t see.  One time I heard a man give an answer when asked what made him certain that there was a spiritual world. His reply was, “I can feel the presence of guidance and influence that is outside the physical realm.” Most people can accept that they don’t know they can. Replacing what is real in life with fantasy diminishes one’s ability to interact with the cosmos, so to speak. This is not the same as clairvoyance, for which I have no solid insight. Continue reading

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New Dynamics Corporate America

New Dynamics Corporate America.PDF Version

Early in life, most Americans remember the phrase, “the consumer is king.”. This concept began to change in the 1950s. John Kenneth Galbraith, in his book The Affluent Society. coined the term “conventional wisdom”. He explained how what is perceived to be true continues to be deemed to be true long after it is no longer true. Conventional wisdom is that the consumer is king. The consumer is no longer king in the U.S. economy.

In the fifties, Galbraith noticed a change. Sophisticated advertising techniques developed. Demand for goods and services, which had previously sprung up in the hearts of buyers was taking a back seat. Corporations were then creating demand for their products and services by virtue of increasingly sophisticated advertising. The 1950s were only the beginning of the practice of manipulating the public mindset Continue reading

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Pay to Play Social Media

Pay to Play Social Media PDF Version

X or Twitter if you prefer, is treated as if it is a bastion of free speech. Believe it if you wish. Pay to play social media is a variety of censorship itself. It is just stealth in nature. Social media wants users who can be used as resources. That is not all that social media wants. Few have not observed that there is an organized effort going on to make resources out of all of humanity. The presence of social media in this effort is critical.

It is not that no one takes censorship seriously. Plenty do but all of the censorship they know about is the squelching of well known icons of wisdom Continue reading

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Coming Headwinds of the United States and Citizens

Fantasy Free thinking requires thinking in the light of reality. That is what the Fantasy Free Advantage is. Gain the fantasy free advantage. See the world the way it is. You will be early. You will be right.

The United States has dismantled its free market system and replaced it with a manipulated and managed debt – based economy. Create debt and GDP increases. Stop and the economy tanks. We are at the point where debt cannot be increased any longer..

It takes free market forces to generate a recovery. There will be no recovery. The essential  ingredient of free market forces is missing Continue reading

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Why Does Government Grow?

Why Does Government Grow.   PDF Version

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored .Government grows every time a bill is passed. Bills get passed as a way of rewarding Americans with political power. Only a few have enough political power to get what they want out of government. Bills are passed as a way to extract wealth and income out of the general population

People without political power are important to the political process only in their imaginations.Conservative echo chambers serve the elite because all of the time and energy of conservatives is absorbed with philosophical discourse. Being of extreme importance in their own minds , they are lulled into believing they are making a huge contribution – by teaching others how to think.

In a democracy – based system, it is the citizens’ responsibility to govern themselves. Governing involves work and since work is a second choice for the human species, messiahs are sought instead of delegates.

Politicians are assumed to run for office because they are good people who want to serve. In terms of goodness, politicians are neutral at best. Politicians run for office as a way of making personal use of rank and file citizens – as they bargain for power, influence and money.

Curbside Jimmy’s Prophetic Song



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