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Why Does Government Grow?

Why Does Government Grow.   PDF Version

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored .Government grows every time a bill is passed. Bills get passed as a way of rewarding Americans with political power. Only a few have enough political power to get what they want out of government. Bills are passed as a way to extract wealth and income out of the general population

People without political power are important to the political process only in their imaginations.Conservative echo chambers serve the elite because all of the time and energy of conservatives is absorbed with philosophical discourse. Being of extreme importance in their own minds , they are lulled into believing they are making a huge contribution – by teaching others how to think.

In a democracy – based system, it is the citizens’ responsibility to govern themselves. Governing involves work and since work is a second choice for the human species, messiahs are sought instead of delegates.

Politicians are assumed to run for office because they are good people who want to serve. In terms of goodness, politicians are neutral at best. Politicians run for office as a way of making personal use of rank and file citizens – as they bargain for power, influence and money.

Curbside Jimmy’s Prophetic Song



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Uniting The Country

Uniting The Country PDF Version

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored .Surely you frequently hear candidates profess that they are the one to bring the country together. This is if we are better off with one common goal and that everyone can help make it happen by giving support and cooperating. The idea sure sound good, but is it?

If that sounds like a good idea, it is because you don’t know how or  have forgotten how democracy works and  what what it takes to make it work.

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Facebook And Friends

Facebook And Friends.PDF Version




Facebook And Friends.pdf

This is a question I answered on a public forum

where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored .Big Tech firms face serious headwinds. The big one that confronts Facebook, is that people don’t use it anymore. Sure, the official numbers show otherwise.  There are ways to create official numbers. There is no way to hide reality when reality takes hold. Facebook is dead space. There is a limit to how long it can be presented as otherwise. Continue reading

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Obedience To Authority

Every now and then, some brave soul ventures forth and blows the whistle on official corruption. Of course, whatever constitutes official corruption, does not appreciate the whistle having been blown on them. The cost to the whistleblower is devastating. Society is prone to automatically believe those on whom the whistle has been blown

Much of what is true, is old. Such as human nature is, when truth is discovered, it is talked about for a short period of time. Then, life goes on as it did before, with the new insight delegated to the back burner, as if it was never discovered. When the truth is something other than what society deems acceptable, it is ignored or replaced with something more agreeable. The Milgram experiment proves just how prone human beings are to obey authority. Continue reading

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Stock Market Scheme of Things 02/23/2024 Thru Spring

Stock prices are still being managed successfully. Nothing significant to the downside will occur as long as that is the case. If and when that changes, the indexes will drop.

As it is, these are the key factors.

Anytime a major financial institution or elite player gives a bearish warning, a short squeeze is in the offing. As long as minor league pundits on YouTube broadcast that a crash is imminent, it is not going to happen. As long as traders, investors, economists and all others explain market action in terms of normal market influences, nothing is going to change. Continue reading

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Texas Border Crisis Solution

Most problems have simple solutions. However, those kinds of solutions are never used or even suggested. Real solutions require a change in thinking or using the principle of deferred gratification. Also, the experts implementing solutions want to be paid as much as possible. Genuine solutions are so simple, there is no profit in even suggesting one.

Establish a free market zone along the Rio Grande. The U.S., Mexico, or both could do this. In this zone, there would be no Social Security, other entitlements or other government benefits. It would be up to the folks in this area to make their own laws. There would be a separation between the economy and the state. Continue reading

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Suppose We Go To War

With our intelligence agencies burning so many resources monitoring ordinary people who might be being truthful in a way that might expose government, corporate and deep state agendas, perhaps they are not noticing meaningful possible strategies our alleged enemies might employ if a war breaks out.. Continue reading

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Can The Stock Market Go Down?

In theory,the stock market can go down. Which matters most, theory or reality? Here is the reality. When ten percent of the population own ninety percent of all stock, they can push stocks around as easy as pushing jelly around on a plate. There has been  an ongoing successful effort for decades to consolidate stock ownership of assets, especially stock. There has to be a reason for that. The obvious reason is to control stock prices. Continue reading

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The Future of Gregg Abbott

Prior to his new prowess as a border crisis hero, Abbott had earned a reputation as an admirer of the WEF and other collectivest  initiatives. Does one case of being a states rights hero change his stripes? Previously, I posted an article explaining the impossibility of a politician being elected to a high office without being a psychopath. As hard as this is to swallow, take the time to read the article (link below). Make a counter argument to each point made and explain to me how else it can be that way. Continue reading

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How The War Can Be Won

U.S citizens don’t understand that there is a war waging against them minute by minute. Citizens in all other countries are fighting the same war. All are fighting the same enemy. The enemy is organized and and focused. Citizens around the world are not. When compromised, they behave much like ants in a bed that somebody hacks into with a pick ax. They get disturbed and run around mindless, not knowing who struck them.

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