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Suppose We Go To War

With our intelligence agencies burning so many resources monitoring ordinary people who might be being truthful in a way that might expose government, corporate and deep state agendas, perhaps they are not noticing meaningful possible strategies our alleged enemies might employ if a war breaks out..

Now, I am not schooled as a military strategist or even in anything close.Still there is always a place for common sense in anything.

Our alleged enemies know our military strengths. Does it not make sense that any adversaries would force engagements of the kind that render our advantages impotent but make a military response imperative? Surely, if we went to war with one, we would have to fight all of them.

Perhaps, Russia would invade Alaska by ground while another front was opened up at the southern border. Our neighbors south of the border don’t actually love us all that much.

At the same time, perhaps there are already foreign troops scattered throughout the forty eight states. They might create enough havoc  to traumatize the civilian population, part of which is already skeptical of our military adventures.

What do our lesser NATO allies really think of U.S.military initiatives? They are NATO members for their own perceived benefits. Would any of them flip sides if they determined that the other side would serve them better? Maybe some are like kids on a playground who make sure they are on the same side as the bullies. Could our alleged enemies be thinking of things like this?

Do our Alleged enemies know us better than we know them? They might. Perhaps they might lure us into fronts just to cause us to burn resources, where our fire power is not such an advantage to us. Notice that terrorists are already attacking us in ways where we can only guess at who bears responsibility.

Finally, what if our alleged enemies decided to cut off the head of the snake and found ways to directly attack our small number of elite citizens who dictate government policy? Certainly they have thought of ways to win without confronting our forces directly.

Are our intelligence agencies as adept as they are assumed to be? Where are their energies truly focused? Are our intelligence agencies driven by our elite who have only read about military strategies in books?

I do wonder if they are bound to prevailing conventional wisdom as to how each opponent will fight while plans are being made to outflank us if a war breaks out.

Notice this oddity. YouTube is no longer censoring the truth. This has to be for a reason. I have even been getting a few views on the Fantasy Free Economics channel. Maybe there is a way to render all of the new found truth irrelevant.

The 2024 presidential election represents a threat to the power structure of the whole.  A crisis is needed for the purpose of imposing martial law on the nation and finding a way to postpone or cancel the fall election. A war would certainly provide a sufficient crisis for justifying that. Why not allow truth on YouTube now, if there is no way left for any of it to be useful?





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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
2 months ago

Uh oh! I think I might’ve just got played. In the book I recently recommended on here “The Great Taking” by David Webb he seems to cast the Uniform Commercial Code as the villainous mechanism by which The Powers That Be are going to empty our brokerage accounts and now we have 39 states pushing laws to overhaul the U.C.C. Two people I respect very much – Catherine Austin Fitts & John Titus – smell a rat. On Fitt’s website she and Titus address the issue on a video entitled Money & Markets for February 8, 2024. Sadly, that book might be propaganda to push a covert agenda. I am awaiting Webb’s response… we’ll see…

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