Texas Border Crisis Solution

Most problems have simple solutions. However, those kinds of solutions are never used or even suggested. Real solutions require a change in thinking or using the principle of deferred gratification. Also, the experts implementing solutions want to be paid as much as possible. Genuine solutions are so simple, there is no profit in even suggesting one.

Establish a free market zone along the Rio Grande. The U.S., Mexico, or both could do this. In this zone, there would be no Social Security, other entitlements or other government benefits. It would be up to the folks in this area to make their own laws. There would be a separation between the economy and the state.
Immigrants would be welcome. A tract of land no larger than Israel would suffice. There would be no government – inspired healthcare, nor public – private partnerships. In little time, such a zone would become one of the most prosperous pieces of real estate in the world.

The biggest issue would be getting any acceptance of free market principles. Free markets generate optimums in every aspect of economic life. The problem is that a free market system is not a perfect system. It is the best we can do here on earth, however. The Garden of Eden would be better, but that can’t be achieved.

When the free market fails to be perfect, that immediately generates calls that government needs to fix that imperfection. Government intervenes and any imperfections get worse. Business interests lobby to have laws passed which remove them – and them only from the rigors of free market competition. They get laws passed that guarantee their own profits.

Immigrants would stop in the free market zone, get a job and wouldn’t want to leave. The problems we have in the United States would not be present had we not dismantled our free market system.


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