Obedience To Authority

Every now and then, some brave soul ventures forth and blows the whistle on official corruption. Of course, whatever constitutes official corruption, does not appreciate the whistle having been blown on them. The cost to the whistleblower is devastating. Society is prone to automatically believe those on whom the whistle has been blown

Much of what is true, is old. Such as human nature is, when truth is discovered, it is talked about for a short period of time. Then, life goes on as it did before, with the new insight delegated to the back burner, as if it was never discovered. When the truth is something other than what society deems acceptable, it is ignored or replaced with something more agreeable. The Milgram experiment proves just how prone human beings are to obey authority.

Milgram experiment 

Excerpt from article.

“The experiments found, unexpectedly, that a very high proportion of subjects would fully obey the instructions, with every participant going up to 300 volts, and 65% going up to the full 450 volts. Milgram first described his research in a 1963 article in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology[1] and later discussed his findings in greater depth in his 1974 book,    Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View.[3]/
My observations, from within the light of reality, are completely in line with the findings of the Milgram Experiment. I have explained that, while the quest for freedom is assumed to exist naturally within the heart of mankind, in reality, it does not work that way. Humans are born with inalienable rights as noted in the Declaration of Independence. Those rights are bargained away, as in traded away for comfort and benefits. As freedoms are given up, folks submit to those who then rule them and laws passed by authorities.

Folks, even psychopaths, may be born with a moral compass. Just like the subjects in the Milgram experiment, U.S. citizens, replace their own moral compass with that of the authority they have submitted to.

When whistleblowers come forward, rather than jump on the side of truth, U.S. citizens side with the authorities on whom the whistle has been blown. Those who side with the whistle blowers are of about the same proportion as the subjects in the Milgram experiment who went ahead and tortured the subjects in the experiment. That percentage is about sixty five percent.

This is why the likes of Julian Assange and Eric Snowden are hung out to dry by their brethren across the globe.

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