An Interesting Question

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored .

Don’t you think that the original idea of democracy is becoming a consumerist dictatorship? 

Let me shine the light of reality on your question.

What do folks decide in the United States, with respect to what they spend their money on? What and how much of what we buy is actually based on the consumer’s innate tastes and preferences? 

How much is spent on government services? Did American citizens lobby government …. insisting that a Department of Education be established in the 1970s? No, then whose idea was it? It was not the citizens. Levels of education began dropping immediately and are still falling. Ignorance has become the new norm. Yet , we still have a department of education. Do citizens want or need one? They don’t seem to mind. Continue reading

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Impending Stock Market Stunt

If you don’t think the stock market as well as most other aspects of your life are being controlled and manipulated, I hope you will read this post anyway for entertainment, just like folks used to do with respect to claims of UFO sightings.

Speaking of the new found UFO sightings, why have they disappeared? That all mattered just a few weeks back. Why do they not matter now? Could it be the the information was released for the purpose of getting a certain response out of the public and it didn’t work? Where did WOKE go? Do you notice anything special in the news today? Perhaps it is back to the drawing board in elite-land. There are a few items I follow, that aren’t exactly news – specific Continue reading

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What Is The Jackson Hole Meeting?

The Jackson Hole Meeting is an event where your betters gather together and explore different methods, theories, and designs – all aimed at imposing their will on the rest of society.

The Jackson Hole Meeting is one of a number of these types of meetings.

The Jackson Hole Meeting serves as a great occasion for each of your betters to network and devise techniques for imposing their will on you and your worldwide brethren. Certainly , it is an occasion filled with joy and merriment on the parts of all of your betters who are in attendance.

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Fall Season Stock Market 2023

Virtually every year, I make reference to the fact that the fall seasonal pattern is highly negative for the stock market. Most crashes and serious downturns, historically, have taken place during this time period. As the 2000s ushered in, this began to change slowly. By spring of 2006, sophisticated methods of stock price manipulation were in place. These efforts have become even more sophisticated and highly reliable. As of now, the market is being held up by any heroic means possible. For more insight, type stock market in the blog search bar and plenty will pop up. I have written a lot about stock market manipulation.

I will add just a few new thoughts. Continue reading

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Media Bias Solved

All it would take is a simple federal law stating that a media corporation could not be a subsidiary of another corporation. That would prevent media outlets from having too much collective power. Too much power, of course means configuring public sentiment to their liking, determine the outcomes of elections and helping others rig their markets…. in keeping with various symbiotic relationships they have with others. Continue reading

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First Amendment Ghettos

I began using technology during the 80s before the internet evolved. I wasn’t the first guy to get on the internet. Statistically, I was pretty early. The internet early on was a picture of good will. Companies like AOL sprung up. At first very few women were online but they came along. Conversation was open and vibrant. In the beginning, the internet served as a great equalizer. Information freely flowed from person to person. Ordinary people were in charge. A search engine was a search engine and truly performed the function search engines were expected to perform. Continue reading

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Write Your Congressmen The Right Way

Popular thought is that you write your congressmen and beg for representation. This is as if you actually have any representation. That is fantasy. The reality is that your elected representatives are in office to pursue their own goals and aspirations. You as a voter are just their to facilitate what they do – which is entirely unrelated to what voters want and expect. For that approach, you might get a polite response to the effect that the lawmaker feels your pain or something.

The right way to write an elected representative is to explain how the problem you discuss can effect him personally and get him removed from office. Below is the text of a snail mail letter that just today, I sent to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas – our professed conservative. Feel free to draw ideas from my letter. Continue reading

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Stock Market Resiliency

The fact that the knowledge  and possession of alien spacecraft can be kept from presidents, congress and the general public means something big.  What it means is that there really is a small consortium of human beings who have power and prominence over those at the highest levels of government – and the public , of course. 

Congress , or any others with a high level of authority , are not outraged. What does that mean? It means the entity, possessing the alien spacecraft , has predominance over those who are assumed to be the most powerful among us.  Continue reading

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