A Fear I Wish I Didn’t Have

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I have developed this fear over time. It is the fear of being right. What I suspect initially…. always seems far-fetched. Often it comes true and I wish it hadn’t. When I suspect something these days, I am scared that I will be right. Believing the lies of life and atypical perceptions begin popping into one’s head. It isn’t clairvoyance. It is just that atypical perceptions, that fantasy replaces, are intact. Understanding is based on what is real and not what is acquired in life as a comforting mechanism.

Mankind is so docile and compliant in front of authority these days that it can’t be explained by even a variation of what is normal Continue reading

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An Interesting Question

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now and uncensored.

Don’t you think that the original idea of democracy is becoming a consumerist dictatorship? 

Let me shine the light of reality on the question.

What do folks decide in the United States, with respect to what they spend their money on? What and how much of what we buy is actually based on the consumer’s innate tastes and preferences? 

How much is spent on government services? Did American citizens lobby government …. insisting that a Department of Education be established in the 1970s? No, then whose idea was it? It was not the citizens. Levels of education began dropping immediately and are still falling. Ignorance has become the new norm. Yet , we still have a department of education. Do citizens want or need one? They don’t seem to mind. Continue reading

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