Global Warming New Amazing Insight

Global Warming New Amazing Insight PDF Version

The greatest threat to mankind where any global warming is concerned is that scared citizens will be successful at putting government in control of correcting the issues.
Give governments a problem to solve and what happens? Ideally, people in every government involved will work tirelessly in the problem solving mode to do what is right by citizens. That is the way the system works in the human imagination
What happens in real life? Unlike what is popularly imagined, those in charge of solving a problem on a collective basis, seek their own goals and aspirations first. Global warming becomes a problem to be exploited. Public/private partnerships are formed. Feeding frenzies on government money begin and grow rapidly. Solving the problem becomes  a disincentive. The worse the problem gets, the more money is committed to solving the problem. The feeding frenzy continues to grow and the problem gets progressively worse.

If the goal is to save the planet or even to greatly delay its destruction, the worse approach is to charge governments with the responsibility of making sure that doesn’t happen. Government regulation only guarantees a worse problem than the one people are afraid of.
Does it not seem odd that human beings ascribe magical powers to their governments. It is as if once a problem is turned over to government, in their minds, it is deemed solved. They feel saved. This approach is not even voluntary. It is instinctive. Fortunately we all have a larger brain that can override instinctive behavior. But, for that, the more intellectual part of the brain is seldom activated.
It is safer for the planet to completely ignore any damage global warming may be causing and let nature run its course.


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