Further Into No Man’s Land

The basic disconnect is the notion that government is administering justice or even attempting to. The only process of government being used is that of serving as ,a medium for all who can, to get what they want.  Those who have political power get what they want. All others pay, expect something but get nothing.

The general public is always disconnected. That is no call for alarm. It is extremely bothersome that virtually all who write conservative blogs or conservative political commentary write on the basis, that government’s role of administering justice is ongoing. Who wants to be labeled a kook for writing the truth?

And, what is the truth? The Deep State or New World Order is not an ideological movement, nor a political movement. It is a huge crime syndicate.  That is the truth. I am as afraid to look at it as everyone else but I do it anyway. I also would prefer that the truth be something else .

Raise taxes? Every bill that passes is a tax increase. The reason is that the bill is full of Deep State skimming set ups. The legislation forces the public to pay higher prices and the skimming portions of those prices are taxes. The same mainstream economists who agree that when the New York Mob strong armed the bakery industry in the 70s they collected a tax from the public. The Mafia tax provided no utility at all, Deep State taxes provide no utility to society either. Both are theft, off course,  But there is a difference. The Deep State owns the government so their theft is without consequences. The process is unopposed, with the exception of, by Fantasy Free Economics and others I have not yet met.

Trump supporters are right wing socialists. All are good with the president’s income transferring theft by stimulus package. All are focused on building the wall, when although it is needed, it makes more sense to confront the Deep State initiative that is devoted to enticing migrants into the U.S. so that they will bolster the low income consumer market and ork for low wages. The buying power of the domestic poor has been destroyed by Deep State laws that are already on the books. Trump supporters are also good with higher inflation by way of the tariffs. The president has his supporters focused on a bunch of minor issuse while smiling at them and stabbing them in the back with policies that make a whole lot more difference.

The Democrat base is focused on things like who is calling who an in appropriate name and who gets to use what restroom. It would be nice if they could but government has no way to make people be nice and kind to one another. They are getting fleeced by Trump’s economic policies just as are the president’s supporters.

There is something terrifying about confronting the powerful. On an honesty scale, I suppose I am about average. Perhaps if having all of the good things in life I enjoy was dependent upon an income derived from participating in a deep state initiative, I would pretend not to see anything either. Since I don’t have a job and make no income writing this blog, I have nothing to lose by laying it all out there.

The disconnect I refer to as in folks thinking things are one way when they are really another, is what I am referring to when I use the term reality gap. So what happens when a reality gap suddenly closes? It is similar in nature to what happens when a jet breaks the sound barrier. The speeding jet creates a vacuum between molecules. They slam back together and sound like a massive explosion. When a reality gap slams closed, people go  broke, die and suffer in countless ways. Wars start and and the wrong people get blamed.

Today’s reality gap is so severe that it is going to slam shut no matter what is done to try and stop it from happening. It will be every man for himself. Well? Actually it already is.

Curbside Jimmy’s Prophetic Song


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