Surviving the “Conservative” Movement

Rhetoric and virtue signaling abound. All around the country TEA Party groups meet. Arms grow longer in order to facilitate patting one another on the back. Offer these folks a bone and they take it. The “conservatives” have now let everyone know who they are and just how right they are. They say “See, we have a tax cut now. Look at that. We are keeping more of it. After all it is our money.” “Nothing wrong with that logic” you say. So there is the entire conservative movement. Who needs liberals when conservatives are so good at doing their job for them?

So what happened to free market discipline? Is it the government’s job to “stimulate” the economy? What failing enterprise would you like to save? “Conservatives” have decided we should borrow more money and pay even less of it back. So, what is the conservative movement going to do next?

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