A New Genuine Search Engine Is Coming

I have written the following articles over the past two years.     Big Tech and Market ……Forces …….More On Big Tech  The Coming Tech Train Wreck

Big tech firms are like  gut-shot confederate soldiers. Their time is limited as industry leaders- icons of excellence and most everything else they are perceived to be.

Here is why. I have mentioned dishonesty before. Dishonesty in business can guarantee profits. It also generates a limited lifespan.

Some may remember or have read about how the Japanese got started in the United States auto market. The United States had no compact cars  in the early 1960s. Japan initially started selling compacts here. Compacts were an extremely small market. They barely made a wave. They established a profitable small niche for themselves, got stable in it and began adding models. Their cars got larger and they added trucks. It took years but they eventually came to dominate the market. This is free markets 101, no graphs, no statistics. An entity notices a profit opportunity and pursues it. This one worked out well for them, no central planning, no subsidies.

Market forces are omnipresent in any economy, centrally planned included. In a centrally planned economy, which the United States is, they are not utilized efficiently. In a free market setting, firms get wind of what consumers want and accommodate consumer wants and find ways to accommodate them. When corporations become large and powerful enough, they can dictate to consumers what to buy. They do this by creating paths of least resistance, limiting perceived choices and manipulating the mindset of the public. They can combine with government and the media – and scare the public, to move their mindset in their desired direction.  Censorship is imposed limiting information consumers can acquire. Legislation is passed so as to seriously restrict the types of goods and services consumers can buy. Corporations buy up competitors so as to further limit choices consumers would otherwise have.

We are at the end of an era in which government and large corporations have decided for consumers what they can, should and must spend their money on. Google, which started as a search engine has been more than prolific in managing the public. There are no so-called search engines in the world today. Suppose you were interested in finding information on a topic, not by established perceived experts and anointed individuals, but mostly small, largely unknown sources. That is impossible today. With Google, you will find not one thing. You will find only what Google wants you to find and go wherever Google wants you to go.

Google has no genuine utility to society. The golden era of the internet is over. Big Tech firms are making it last as long as they can. They are punishing their users in the short run so as to report their usual stellar earnings. They are over advertising to their audience. The easy money is gone.

But, society still needs search engines. Eventually an enterprise will  figure out that there is a need for one. They will figure that they don’t need to have the enormous profit margins big tech has experienced. High profit margins are one never mentioned derivative of QE. It is not only gone but more of it will destroy the firms which grew in size just because of it.

A genuine search engine is likely to evolve in a firm that is not accustomed to getting the help from government that big tech has experienced.

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