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More On Big Tech PDF Version
More On Big Tech PDF Version
I am on record as predicting a tech train wreck. The Coming Tech Train Wreck. With respect to that…. so far – so good. I am also predicting a depression without a recovery and a bear market that lasts at least two years. Permanent Depression. The combination of a devastating depression and the crumbling of tech – the most dynamic sector of the bull market, will guarantee unfathomable losses in all other sectors.

When I make these kinds of predictions, certainly it appears that I am simply grabbing some attention – getting notion out of the air, and claiming it is going to happen without presenting any numerical evidence. I can do that because I view the world without the handicap of looking through the prism of fantasy. I start with natural law by checking first the most basic influences.

Big tech, on a net basis , has a negative utility to society. They cause more harm than good in the end. That guarantees their eventual failure. They have also aided and abetted central economic planning on the part of the government. Central economic planning guarantees economic failure overall.  Much of their income depends on their efforts to help government manage people. Now government itself is failing.

Big Tech has been instrumental in imposing censorship on the country. The censorship has been agenda – driven. Corporations have no natural incentive to censor anyone. Only in this particular time frame have corporations worried about what ordinary people see or hear.

Notice the devastating rapid declines of the two monthly charts below.  In my career, which goes back to 1969, I don’t remember any stock recovering from this type of fall. Facebook will trade for under $5.00 and become another MySpace.  Google will eventually morph into some kind of channel and at best trade  at a ridiculously low prices.

Countless shares of these stocks are sitting in IRAs. That stock will hit the market. Volume is still mostly intraday. Very little of stock overall has hit the market. That will change.  Big tech is cooked.



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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
1 year ago

“Big Tech is cooked.” Amen, brother! Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people!