The Coming Tech Train Wreck

The Coming Tech Train Wreck PDF Version
When a person is based in reality and not observing the world through the prism, he gets a lot of free information. Little things matter and all the dots start to connect.  One of my ongoing points, is that all animals including humans have an innate ability to recognize threats, dangers and opportunities. This is a survival thing. Another point I make is that companies with products and services which are immoral or have no utility to society have a short lifespan…. compared to others.

Big tech corporations honestly have a negative utility and are immoral. That means they have an end. For our tech industry, the end may be in sight.

Facebook typically reports decent to acceptable user numbers. That is interesting. I closed all of my Facebook pages early in 2020 due to censorship. There was one page I forgot to close. On that page, I only have one friend.

What I did was look at the pages of some of my friends, who were prolific posters. Not one had posted a thing since June. Most had not posted since 2021. These are folks who used to make four or five Facebook posts each day. Yet, Facebook’s numbers don’t reflect this at all. Facebook looks the same as Myspace did as it was sinking.

So, where do their respectable numbers come from? For some time I have been noticing that sites where signing in is required, are now allowing anyone to sign in through Facebook and other social media entities. Certainly , when a participant uses this method, it counts as signing in to Facebook as well. That greatly bolsters Facebook sign in numbers. Folks sign in but are never actually on Facebook.

The following is a chart that shows trends in total internet traffic.

Notice the drop off that has occurred since 2020. The two monthly charts below are for Facebook and Google.

Do these two stocks look like they are about to sky rocket again? Frankly, I think they are cooked and about to be taken off the grill.

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