James Quillian is Still Alive

PDF Files of All Posts Over the Past Three Years

Fantasy Free Economics has never been widely read. Prior to censorship, I had as many as 1300 reads in a day. Post censorship , my number of readers is always under 100. Back around 2019, as small as my blog is, my work was cataloged by a government agency.

On December 11, Fantasy Free Economics was shut down. Basically my URL was stolen. Now my domain names are blocked. I still basically own the URL for Fantasy Free Economics. I cannot use it because I am simply blocked.

To shut down a site as small as mine is absurd, especially given who I am. Of course it is an absurdity! Am I a national security risk? Basically, I explain life without looking through the prism of fantasy. Everyone is and always has been free to disagree with me. Strangely – that has never happened. The only threat I am…. is any effect I have on the national mind set.

Other than that, I am a 72 year old man, not the slightest bit rich. I walk dogs and advise my sons with respect to the businesses they are in. I get along great with my neighbors. Hardly a soul comes to my house other than family. I offer nothing for sale. I accept no donations.  I have never spent a night in jail, have no bad habits and no charges against me.

Most who know me well… agree that I am being targeted for arrest or even murder. There is no way I could be targeted for destruction unless there was some sinister entity targeting me. Basically, I want folks to know who the person is – who is on the verge of being destroyed.  Also, I am not suicidal. I am a very patient man. If I don’t like it here, I am willing to wait.

Who appreciates First Amendment rights? Mostly that is those of use who speak freely and challenge ideas we don’t agree with. I have always said that the way to find out if you have a right, try using it.

I have posted a link at the top of this post to the PDF Versions of all of my articles going back 3 years. Regular readers know that I am not an adept editor. The PDF files will contain errors more so than the blog itself.  Also, it may take some time to load the page since it is pretty big.

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