Dynamics Of Censorship

It has been 246 years since the American
Revolution. For all but the last five or so years,
citizens saw and heard all that they were exposed to. Now there is a fear that folks in general might be exposed to wrong ideas and that would be harmful to the country and themselves. The common man now must be protected from being misguided, ostensibly for his own good. His protectors are deemed to know all that is worthy of his attention and knowledge base.

It must be noted that government is not censoring anyone, at least not the official government. The corporate structure has been around for a long time. Never before has industry been motivated to protect the country’s citizens from receiving wrong information. So what has changed that makes industry motivated to guide the thinking of the population?

Is the media just a bunch of well meaning people devoted to protecting the over all population? The incentive to do that has to have come from somewhere.

The media censors, but who benefits from the censorship? Stories about anti viral treatments, other than what comes out of the pharmaceutical industry, are just not allowed. There must be a relationship between big pharma and the media. Any individual or organization which suggests anything other than the collectivist approach to solving problems is not allowed to speak either.

Clearly all who benefit from a docile, homogenized and narrowly focused, overall population are good with censorship and want more of it.

The American population is managed in the same way aggregations of animals are molded and herded. My grandfather and uncle both raised cattle in South Texas. They had different ranching philosophies. My grand father was old school and believed that a cow was cow. He made no effort to upgrade his stock so that it had any cohesiveness in terms of breeds and such. My uncle studied agriculture in college and thought differently. He built a herd of black Angus Cattle. His cattle were all about the same size and color. Their behavior was certainly standardized. He got a consistent. stable and high price for all the cows he put on the market.

The elite of the world manage our population in the same way my uncle managed his herd of cattle. Today, what Americans do with their thoughts, time and energy is very well standardized. The profitability of this approach is unquestionably high. All who benefit from a homogenized population are fearful of that situation changing.

Today’s censorship boils down to being the most important tool, used to herd and profit off of the United States population.

Why are blinders placed on horses? All phenomenon that might distract the horse from
carrying out its intended purpose is censored. The horse’s purpose might be to win a race or pull a wagon. In all cases, the horse’s attention is forced focused only on what is needed to accomplish the goal of its master. Over time, horses have become accustomed to these things. The horses get fed and watered. They also get free health care, also in keeping with their masters aspirations.

Censorship of the American Public works the same way it does with horses. Folks are kept from noticing ideas that might work counter to the best interests of those who are privileged to manage the activities of the American population, which does for their purposes constitute a herd.

Those are the dynamics of censorship in a nutshell.

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