Law of Power and Absolute Power


Is the law of power and absolute power true? So far, in my life time I have never met a soul who disagrees. That means there is a continuum between no power at all ….and absolute absolute power.

You may be aware, I don’t use quantitative analysis or economic models in studying economics. I do use charts and graphs  to illustrate points and generate understanding. The chart to the left illustrates how corruption increases with levels of power.

Based on the law of power and absolute power, anyone we elect to public office is more corrupt than the voters who elected him. World leaders do not have absolute power but come mighty close.North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, within his own country, is about as close to completely corrupt ….of any world leaders today.

Based on the power and absolute power principle – how corrupt on a scale from one to ten would the president of the United States be? The president is deemed to be the most powerful human on the planet. That implies that any president is pretty high on the corruption scale.

One night, I was having a conversation with a couple of Trump supporters. I asked them this. “On the day after the election in 2016, was Trump more corrupt than he was the day before…. when he was a candidate?” The response I got was, “No, not Donald Trump – he is a good guy”…. and on and on……………

Are elected leaders more corrupt than the voters who elect them?

Do you believe that law of power and absolute power is true?

If it is true, then any president is more corrupt upon being elected than he was prior to being elected. His level of power has gone parabolic. Every time we empower leaders, we increase the level of corruption correspondingly.

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