Why People Do Things

Local life is what all are accustomed to. It can be mighty comforting to project the norms of local and family life to life in groups. That is routinely done. It is almost universally done. The fact is though, as groups get larger and larger, self – interest becomes the only relevant incentive. Politicians run for office out of self – interest. This is despite the public thinking otherwise.

A focus on incentives is imperative when studying group behavior. Incentives are all that matter. When a word is spoken in the media, what is said, is said because of an incentive. When an action is taken in public by a leader, it is because of an incentive. At an aggregate level, anyone’s actions are rooted in self – interest. .

Understanding the role of incentives creates opportunities for understanding. When a person or institution changes dialog that is not in keeping with their historical posture, there is an incentive for doing so. When a number of entities suddenly change behaviors, there is a good chance their efforts are coordinated.

 Serious censorship began emerging as 2019 was coming to a close. Was there a reason for that? There had to be a reason Рeven if none were apparent. The general media has no natural incentive to protect the public from being exposed to wrong information. This is with the exception of being certain their own content is accurate. They also, these days, have an incentive to produce content that is agenda driven. But why would the media be agenda driven?

During the early days of the U.S. Covid response, Facebook began censoring content that even raised simple questions about the efficacy of anointed cures being  implemented. Facebook even deleted posts that even suggested that vitamin c might be of value. Reputable highly Рcredentialed doctors were silenced and ostracized for speaking up. Any doctor with a doubt about official policy risked being fired. The pharmaceutical industry started pumping out vaccines. These were as much as forced on the public. All speaking against have been and still are being squelched.

There is no way anyone is allowed to speak in a way that is critical of any cure coming out of the pharmaceutical industry.

Do you see a pattern here? Can you connect any dots? What natural interest do these corporations have in silencing criticism? Somehow, censorship makes sense to their business models. What would be the advantage to the largest corporation managing and manicuring information the public sees? Why standardize and homogenize all of a population?

Would giant corporations not be able to plan and manage more efficiently – if all of their customers were completely trusting and of the same mindset? Why did Henry Ford standardize parts for cars and production lines? Why only mechanize output? Why not mechanize customers as well?

Is there a chance here that social media, the pharmaceutical industry and others…. profit enormously, by creating a market full of docile…. trusting and homogenized consumers? Would it not benefit such corporations to limit the options of their customers – so that their products and services are all that is available? Would it not be helpful also to inspire government to force folks to buy what they are selling? Censorship can create a wonderful world for those who know how to use it.

Of course, all related is deemed to be for the safety of the public.

The corporate structure has been around for centuries. Not once in history have corporations been obsessed with creating extreme safety for all Americans.. Corporations do have the same incentives they have always had. That is to make profits for their shareholders by any legal means possible.

This is how it breaks down. The parties doing so have no natural incentive to censor Americans. Neither do they have a natural incentive to keep them safe from things they neither produce or sell.

It is not hard to reason that modern censorship is a profit initiative. Generating profits is the only incentive corporations have.

This is how to reason using the fantasy – free approach. When an entity is doing things it has no natural incentive to do, it is not hard to piece together a logical scenario as to why they are really doing it. All of this can be done with no actual facts or information. These things are not done out of agape love for humanity.

Just know what incentives are really in play. Apply them where they belong and the work is done. Recognize when a party is doing something any real incentive would not lead them to do.


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11 months ago

Hi James!

In response to your recent email, I found your site just by randomly typing in URLs and finally found it. I tired quillian.com & .net, then fantasyfreeeconomics.com & .net and finally found it by trying jamesquillian.com. At first I thought you might’ve set something up on the dark web and wasn’t sure how I’d even go about finding it but luckily I found you here.