The Fantasy Free Advantage

Today I am publishing an ebook, The Fantasy Free Advantage. I am hoping every reader will download the book and read it. At present, it is free to blog readers. I ask that you share and offer it to others you know.

I have to ask you to do that because this point of view is banned in the United States. As you read, you will notice nothing obscene, inflammatory or in any way a threat to national security. However, my site is simply not allowed in the United States. There is absolutely no way for me to promote what I know and understand.

As you may be aware, the previous Fantasy – Free Economics blog was purposefully destroyed. As an American, I must go through an offshore host as a means of exercising my First Amendment right of free speech. For many years, I was able to post links to articles on Zerohedge. Any comment I make now that contains a link is deleted.

The reasoning I use is a huge threat to those in power and others who make use of government for nefarious purposes. Fantasy – Free Economics has never had more than one thousand readers per day. There is no other reason such a small effort would be destroyed. I hit the issues right on the money.


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