A New Genuine Search Engine Is Coming

I have written the following articles over the past two years.     Big Tech and Market ……Forces …….More On Big Tech  The Coming Tech Train Wreck

Big tech firms are like  gut-shot confederate soldiers. Their time is limited as industry leaders- icons of excellence and most everything else they are perceived to be.

Here is why. I have mentioned dishonesty before. Dishonesty in business can guarantee profits. It also generates a limited lifespan.

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Big Tech and Market Forces

It is no secret that I am predicting the implosion of the big tech industry, not the tech industry overall. For Background, here are two previous articles.

The Coming Tech Train Wreck

More On Big Tech

It is amazing that a student can complete a PHD program in economics from a prestigious university and graduate without a clue as to how markets function. Continue reading

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