Breaking The Code

By using natural law, I have completely broken the code with respect to Economics, Politics and many other disciplines. So, I am starting an initiative to show others how to do the same.  There is really nothing to it.

Because social media is no longer of help to Fantasy Free Economics and other not main stream sites, I am beginning to post videos on my own server In addition to YouTube. It is almost certain to be banned on YouTube in the near future.  The video below is the first of our new video effort. Neither Steve  nor I is at all media savvy although Steve is much better at it than I am. We are doing it anyway because our message is so powerful.

This actually takes no brains. Natural law is the is a great equalizer in that it renders all of us of average intelligence more adept at understanding and explaining economic and political phenomenon than all of the highly esteemed intellectuals scattered across the globe.

Step 1 is to understand a certain gift that nature gives, all beings with brains, a gift that gives them a survival that is rooted in in their DNA.

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