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The Democrats face a huge problem in winning the presidency in 2020. All of what each of them suggest that government do, are not possible for government to do. Self interest is the motivating force behind everything that is accomplished by government. Normally, this is not a problem because citizens are prone to voting their fantasies. So far all of the liberal agendas which have been initiated throughout history have made problems worse than before. That happens because self interest does not disappear when folks are involved in activities in the public sector. Self interest is assumed to disappear but it doesn’t. Who gets what from government is determined by political power and nothing else. Classic democratic constituents get nothing on a net basis from government because they have no political power. It will be hard to keep even the poor on as constituents because the fantasies their party has sold them over the years, are starting to cause them to suffer.

Today we are in an odd period when the costs of voting fantasies for a whole century finally have to be paid. Reality is starting to impose itself on the voting population. People are not in the mood to believe government is going to do something for them. My opinion is that if the if the Democrats don’t change issues they will experience masses of losses in 2020.

What the Democrats do wrong doesn’t make the Republicans good. However, with the issues the Democrats are pushing guarantees they have little chance of winning anything  in 2020.  Many of their positions on issues are limited by contradictions. Human nature would have to change before others of their issues would be helpful to them. Here are some examples.

Racism is a huge democratic issue. Most people are not racists and the insinuation that they are offends most voters. The country overall is not focused on race. Economic issues will emerge and bury them. There is no objective criteria for determining who is a racist and who is not. It ends up being a food fight and the one with the fewest perceived  impure racist thoughts wins. In our system of law, people are free to entertain any ideas they wish in their own minds. Donald Trump is deemed a racist. That has to be based on what others imagine is going on in his head. He might be a racist but not based on the names his detractors call him.

LGBT related is another losing area for them. Government does not serve well in mandating that different types of people like one another. LGBT issues have a huge negative in attracting voters. The majority of voters are straight. LGBT behaviors are repulsive to a huge majority of the population. This is not an active choice people make. My opinion is that it is biological. The LGBT community is expecting masses of people to overcome their natural inclinations. Putting these issues out front and center is a true losing strategy. How people are defined by society is not determined by law. Definitions of people are determined by how those who are defined come across to everyone else.

With respect to immigration, their solution boils down to not  enforcing federal immigration statutes. No matter how kind hearted and sympathetic they sound, not enforcing laws is completely destructive and that is their plan. Consequences of mass immigration are starting to take hold. Folks will vote to protect themselves no matter how much they are chastised for doing so.

Basically we are entering a period where, for at least a time, people will be licking their wounds from the failure of massive fantasy based government initiatives they are currently living under.

Please understand. People will still vote their fantasies. Those will be new fantasies. One of the things that happens in an economic collapse is that new fantasies always replaced the ones that have failed.

Based on what I see in the Democratic party, they will not only lose the presidency. They will probably lose the house also and lose ground in the senate. It is a disappointment that the democratic party is so inept because Trump needs to be opposed. He is very destructive with economic issues. That doesn’t help the Democrats because on all of that they are on the same page as Trump.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.


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