Dying For HealthCare

Americans have opted to remove all remaining vestiges of the free market system from their health care system. Do not be too quick to applaud them for that decision. The only health care system in the world that is worse than healthcare provided in classic socialist countries and democratic socialist countries, is the system that has been created here in our non-democratic socialist economy.

Taking an industry out of the free market realm and replacing it with a system of collective non economic decisions changes the incentives of all who are part of the healthcare system. That is because governments are not capable of making economic decisions. A child with a dollar in a candy store makes economic decisions. The child gets as much candy as is possible to buy for a dollar. Only the candy with the highest utility to the child gets purchased. The child cannot buy all he wants. But, out of self interest must economize. That is an economic decision.

Governments don’t make economic decisions. They can’t. Government committees make the worst economic decisions. Who gets what out of government is determined by political power. Governments can only make political decisions.

When you see a doctor, you will notice a distinct decline in goodwill. That is because goodwill is caused by the free market system. It disappears when it is replaced with something else. I will call it what it is. Non-democratic socialism is fascism. With fascism, who gets what is determined by political power. When two or more people interact in any market, goodwill is an essential ingredient.

In our fascist healthcare system, your doctor does not work for you. Interaction between the insurance company and providers is what determines the doctors income. Your doctor gets paid by getting kick backs from pharmaceutical companies for giving vaccinations and other things. Insurance companies pay doctors to promote their participation in feeding frenzies on government money.

When a change is made from free market to a system of economics by force (fascism), your doctors incentives change. In our fascist system your doctor has an incentive to function as a clerk instead of a doctor. Performing as a clerk pays better than spending time  patients. So, doctors engage in more clerk activities and spend less time with patients.

One important aspect of fantasy free economic is that people and institutions are studied   based on how they function, not how they are defined. It doesn’t matter how much education a doctor has or how esteemed the position is,the doctor is a clerk if the doctor functions as a clerk.

Medicine becomes more driven by the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and healthcare professionals. Patients are not really of much importance at all. Importance in a fascist type market is guided by political power. Benefits trickle down from the top. Few benefits make it all way down to the position of patient.

Profits are maximized by homogenizing and standardizing patients and searching for profitable conditions to treat. Patients are treated on a statistical basis. If it doesn’t show up as an out of range statistic on a lab test chances are it will never be noticed.

The death rate in the United States is already rising. It will continue and get much much worse. Many who want to get well and remain well are finding very good cures and remedies by seeking their own information.

While patients are getting very poor results out of their medical doctors orthomolecular medicine is a different story. I recommend that everyone start accumulating information in that area. The work of Andrew Saul PHD  is very impressive. With our healthcare system having morphed into fascist medicine, it is going to get much harder for people and families to find cures for maladies and maintain good health.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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