For Profit Legistlation

I have been explaining that all enterprise is for profit. The difference is in who gets the profit. Single payer medicine is for profit. Obamacare is for profit. Free market medicine would be for profit. This is all because when government runs an enterprise, the imaginary incentive to serve is assumed to be present. Every enterprise, government or free market is for profit because self interest is the only incentive in play. With respect to private charities they range from mostly non profit to almost entirely
for profit. The label put on an enterprise doesn’t mean much.

I need to mention that all legislation is for profit. It is so much for profit that unfathomable amounts of money are spent making sure specific legislation passes. When a bill like the Affordable Care Act is passed, the purpose is to enrich the parties who write the bill. What is good for the citizens of the country is never taken into consideration. If citizens were to insist to be taken into consideration, that actually might be. They  never do.
Surely there are some but I cannot think of an occasion where a representative has sat down with constituents and has written and introduced a bill on behalf of them. It simply doesn’t happen.This may sound like an unpleasant reality and I suppose it is. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true.
Legislation is for profit. Government is for profit. For profit is the way of the world. Pretending it is not puts ordinary people at a disadvantage. For profit is not evil. It is not good either. It is just the way of the world.

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