Future Of The Dark Web

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How are folks’ experiences on the internet going these days? How is the censorship going for you? Do you like having all your news filtered … purposefully manicured , and groomed – so that you buy into all that is intended to shape your opinions? How do you like having your First Amendment rights trashed and stepped on? Are you good with  the symbiotic relation between big tech, government and defense agencies?

Americans as a whole seem to love it that way. After all , their congressmen and president serve as their guardians…. keeping them safe. Do Americans want to have guardians or representatives?

What is better than being fed, comfortable, plenty of entertainment….protection, security…. all with warm fuzzy feelings – (as well as sweet dreams?  Yes, folks do love having it that way.

The internet started out with independent minded folks giving and seeking information. Was that too good to last? It seems it was , because all of that is gone. The internet morphed into a corrupt, dishonest medium for cheating people….. manipulating them and herding them like cattle.

Is the internet dangerous? No, not at all, if you don’t  mind your mind being tampered with and you don’t mind becoming like a sheep following a Judas goat to the slaughter house. Yes, Americans love having it this way…. but, I don’t. That is because I  have an independent mind and love using it. How do you feel about it?

On the world wide web you surrender your brain to others – who have a better use for it than you do. Is that dangerous? If it is, is the Dark Web even more dangerous?

If it is more dangerous, are there any cases in life where doing something dangerous because it is worth doing?

What is the future of the dark web? It will take the place of the World Wide Web as the go – to place for people like myself who do not want their news filtered and don’t want to be censored. At one time the World Wide Web was where all the smart people went. In the future, the dark web will be where the all the smart people go.

I don’t know how smart I am….. but, I am smart enough not to let belligerent people step on me and hold their boot on my neck. What about safety? For me , any risk in this is worth bearing. Risk and danger beats being a slave.

I am making plans on launching Fantasy Free Economics on the dark web because I know the dark web will grow, while the world wide web continues to turn into mush.  This may take me awhile. I still have to figure out how to do it. Fantasy Free Economics will remain on the world wide web, so don’t think I am going to take it down. I am just letting folks know.

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