Government is Free

0bIs government free? Of course it is. Ask any Republican.  In the opinion of a Democrat government is so good, it doesn’t matter what it costs.

Since Ronald Reagan took office in 1980, Republicans have been increasing spending constantly while convincing their voters that it is not the same as Democrat spending.  “Republican deficits cause the economy to grow.” “Republican tax cuts actually generate revenue for the Federal Government.” Seriously, this doesn’t have to work to impress voters. When the next election comes around voters can’t even remember who did it or why spending increased.

Donald Trump wants to decrease taxes on corporations first and on the middle class second. This is a peace offering to the billionaire class. Trump’s tax plan is an income transfer from the bottom to the top.  The poor are used to this kind of thing and have very little skill in determining causes of their misery.

When Trump gets his tax plan passed do not expect your lifestyle to improve. It won’t. There is one truly valuable function a taxes serve. Our tax code doesn’t do that one thing. That one thing is to keep citizens apprised of how much government actually costs.

All notions of using the tax code to manage human behavior and stimulate an economy are nothing but bunk.  Republicans can keep you believing government is free by disguising its cost.

There is no way to convince a Democrat that more government is not always good.


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