Heaven To The Mob

Heaven to the mob is a legal way to steal money. The mob has found its heaven in Wall Street and high frequency trading. Did I say illegal? Legal and illegal are actually the same when nobody minds. What is being done now actually is illegal and it will result in the destruction of U.S. financial markets faster than you are likely to realize. The cost to you will be very high, perhaps everything you own and all of your income. Heaven to the mob will turn out to be hell for the rest of us.
The unwinding of high frequency trading and working through the damage done due to our allowing years of corruption in our financial markets will turn out be the defining issue of your lifetime.
The Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934 makes it illegal to place orders without having the intention of making a transaction. High frequency trading is based on this very practice.
The logic of allowing this illegal theft to continue is simple. The belief is that enforcing securities laws against folks so powerful would put more stress on the economy than the system will tolerate.

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