Situation United States Completely Explained

Our political system, economic system system, and way of life has morphed out if its roots.

The problem with our political system is not that it is corrupt. Politics is always corrupt. The difference is that today our political system is 100%. Based on that the only possible outcome is the total collapse of the country. Our system is in the process of collapsing right now.

Our government is not those who we elect. Our government is those who govern or government. From those those who govern our government we have for profit censorship.

Here are some maladaptive beliefs and behaviors that are lethal to our way of life.

The country Must be united.  Our system is based in principles if democracy. The best way to destroy a democracy is to unite the country. Uniting the country is a step toward authoritative rule. Hitler united Germany in the 1930s.

Complete misunderstanding of how government and leadership works.  Citizens vote according to which candidate will function as some sort of righteous political messiah.  At the political level, there is no such thing as an incentive to serve, even though life is lived on the basis that their is. Is your candidate an advocate of your way of life, as he says he is? No, nothing close. Politician gain their offices out of a desire for personal gain and they achieve personal gain in abundance. Citizens look for politicians who will solve their problems. Politicians look for problems to exploit. People will pay enormous sums to have their fears assuaged. The comfort and peace the experience or imaginary.




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