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Stewards Of Your Lives P

No activity on earth is as lucrative as serving as the steward of lives of others. At this historical juncture corporations such as big tech, big pharma, big health insurance and big banks are positioning themselves to function as stewards of the American people.

Why is information about hydroxychloroquine, vitamin c, zinc and other anti viral substances being censored by organizations with no previous history of censoring anything? Why at this unique period of time in history? What is the emergency in keeping these perfectly legal drugs and supplements out of the bodies of American citizens?

There is no other reason  than that the success of inexpensive remedies would deem a mandatory vaccine for all Americans unnecessary. As stewards of your lives, big pharma and big health insurance would be guaranteed massive automatic windfalls  as far into the future as can be fathomed. Big tech and big banks are also poised to serve as your stewards in other areas. All of the involved corporations maintain symbiotic relationships with one another, government and media. So, there is an ongoing cooperative effort to keep any information out of the  public’s awareness that might prevent people from  accepting the the worlds largest corporations as their stewards.

The question is, how successful will these organizations be in their endeavors? Odds are in their favor. Behavior in the political arena is universally misunderstood. When votes are cast voters are actually choosing others to make decisions for them and guarantee their security. The number of those who prefer that representatives serve as delegates can be rounded off to zero.  That which makes folks feel safe, secure and unthreatened reduces our overall standard of living dramatically.

Modern man does not understand natural law. Ancient scholars did and most of what they discovered has been lost. Contrary to popular opinion, ancient scriptures were not totally focused on God and religion. Each story serves as a model of natural law. What do ordinary people do when they find themselves in the circumstance of being free? They seek out stewards of their lives. They bargain away what freedom they have in return for comfort and security. Samuel 8:1 explains how this works as well what it costs in just a few words. The situation explained has reoccurred countless times throughout history. The outcome is always the same.

Still there are those who value life as a free person so much that they are prefer to make their own decisions and take their own risks. Does freedom stand a chance?

If mankind as a whole is going to be free, those who want it that way will have to impose freedom on all others. This requires forcing others to make their own decisions and take their own risks independently of government.  Those who value freedom highly are seriously outnumbered just as they were in the ancient writing.

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