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This is how I figure things out and anyone can do it. I do mean anyone. There are many interesting things about the present moment. The one thing that is most relevant is that all living things have an innate ability to almost flawlessly recognize danger and opportunities in the present moment. But, human beings have an issue, other species do not seem to have. When humans replace reality with fantasy, they view the present moment through the prism of fantasy and that makes their natural discerning ability useless. There is no way to respond correctly to reality if one is replacing it with fantasy.

Being in touch with reality does not take intelligence. Brilliant people are no more in touch with reality than anyone else. You know the old saying, garbage in and garbage out. If you don’t see an issue exactly as it is, you have no chance of responding to it effectively.

Cutting back on fantasy calls for accepting the basic unsettling circumstances of existence as given. Why are we here? What are we? What is consciousness? These kinds of questions don’t have answers. Just be willing to have it that we. It is that way whether you are willing to have it that way or not. People are afraid to die. No one knows whether life is a gift or an obligation. Perhaps it is neither.

Faith is fine but reality, in the sense I am using it, applies to the secular world. Economics and politics are secular world activities. The secular world is the animal world. Through faith some believe  that we believe we can escape into the spiritual world when we die. I am one of those people but that has nothing to do with figuring out what is going on in animal world we are faced with surviving in right now. Faith and religion have everything to do with how we spend our personal time and energy. The secular world is what it is though. We all live in it and we all make decisions.

Next, know and accept that the laws of dominance and subservience are what determine outcomes in the secular world. Don’t try to replace these laws in your mind with more pleasant ways of seeing things. It may make you feel better but that is all it does. What it does for sure is prohibit you from recognizing and responding correctly to danger. Fantasy is that elected representatives are like fairy god mothers protecting us from bad things. Politicians are guided by self interest and are completely ruthless. That is one of those reality gaps I am constantly writing about.

Of course, accept self interest as the only universal incentive the human race possesses. Do not expect others to be serving you, when in reality they are serving themselves.

Remove fantasy from your life and you will notice that what appears to be true is true. Remain in a fantasy based state of mind and first glances start generating incorrect answers. In fantasy your conclusions are comparable with your fantasies and never on target. Fantasizing that a president, for example, is working tirelessly for the American people and you are enabling corruption. Understand that the president is doing the job out of self interest and things he does that don’t seem good for the country start to make sense. That is because you know ahead of time that he is president primarily and probably totally for his own benefit.

I have turned fantasy free thinking into an art form for my self. There is more to it, but what I am writing here is enough to put you way way ahead of the average person in figuring out what is going on in the world.


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