We Need To Get Rid of Donald Trump

We had poor choices in the last presidential election. I picked Donald Trump only as an alternative to Hillary Clinton who had already shown her dark side. That probably was not a mistake.

Donald Trump has turned out to be a very bad president. Governments do not create jobs. Donald Trump cannot create a job. He says he will create jobs. That is fine for mindless campaign rhetoric. He is still saying it. He is collecting worshipers faster than a an army of homeless folks can pick up empty aluminum cans. He is not only collecting worshipers for himself. He is collecting them for his family.  It is very dangerous when citizens worship a leader. When a man can make others feel like they need his approval, that is extremely dangerous.

Protectionist economic policies have the capability of making a leader look good for a maximum of eighteen months. After that havoc is reeked upon the overall population. Make America Great Again is something that sounds good but there is no specific point in history he is referring to. It is just garbage rhetoric. His tax and spending plans are gifts to the rich just like all stimulus ideas.

There is no plan to introduce free market forces into the healthcare market. All he has done is try to push through another insurance bill. One insurance bill is about as bad as another. All of them destroy the incentives of doctors to actually treat patients.  What they do is guarantee the insurance industry and some others a piece of every dollar spent on healthcare.

I really don’t think he understands economics. He does know how to make a profit for himself. That is what is learned in business administration school.

Government policy, for years, has provided an asset enhancement initiative by way of the Federal Reserve to bolster the wealth and income of the richest Americans. Trump is o.k. with business as usual with our Federal Reserve Bank, foreign central banks, Wall Street and the international banks.

The only real expectation I had of Trump is that he might break up the status quo which is fleecing ordinary Americans. He has made peace with the elites and is now assisting in keeping the whole mess sowed together.

Trump worshipers are suckers. Suckers are what every president needs. Government is for taking not for giving. Trump is very good at taking. I can’t even imagine all that he will walk away with after serving as president of the United States. Folks need his approval and they worship him and he will take from them all that he can. Some Americans, working Americans, have nothing left to take.

Once the possibility of breaking up the fascist economy is taken off the table, Trump becomes a hazard. Just for the record, from now on I will be doing everything I can to get him out of office.

I still don’t care who he called fat or anything else. He has turned bad where it counts.

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