Who Gets To Suffer?

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One thing that is helpful in figuring out why

things turnout the way they do is ordinary thinking. There seems to be a moratorium on that activity.

As far as I know, I am the only person in the world who has pondered such  things as who came up with the Corona Virus Response? One hint is, given just by making an observation as to who and what is profiting greatly as a result.

Another unasked question is where does the incentive to censor information that is deemed not good for the masses to hear, see or read come from? Do tech companies have a natural incentive to protect people from being exposed to what they alone deem harmful? In all of history, corporations have never taken this posture before. So, what is unique about today’s world that makes this necessary? Are ordinary citizens too stupid to process meaningful information. Well, we use the jury system. Ordinary citizens seem to do just fine with deciding complex legal arguments.

All kinds of bad things are happening to ordinarily people in this economy while corporate profits are sound and GDP is acceptable? It is really hard to find out just how many citizens get paid by any and all government entities, including teachers, military, contractors, fire fighters and others?

Today, I made note of where the essence of just my neighbors on my street comes from. This is a very conservative neighborhood.

Here is what I found. EMS Technician and military nurse, pluming contractor, retired air force, firefighter, USPS, retied general, retired colonel,  civil service, civil service, restores old cars. Each of these folks consider themselves to be staunch conservatives. This does not even include what public private partnerships suck out of the overall economy.

Now notice who is suffering. Absolutely no one that I can see other than the self employed unemployed or retired and eaten up by inflation.

Unless one believes in magic, collapse of the entire system, government, economy and way of life is the only possible outcome.

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